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mithril rings


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Thanks kindly :p


Hmm, I have Xzar in my party now, which is mixed alignment with a CN wild mage PC. I don't quite see them allowing Xzar to convince them to kill the dryad, though. One would think that for a non-evil PC, a comely dryad would be more persuasive than Xzar.

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I dunno, I would make a save right beforehand; then try it out. I think (I don't have the text in front of me now) that there will be definite reactions from some party members, but if it results in a PvsP battle, then you could always reload :p (sorry.. I have to find another way of smiling in print without using the "smiley face")

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This looks like fun, it's a bit like the Herbs and Potions Add-in. (The crafting dimension looks like fertile ground to spice the game up.)


So if I understand correctly the ingredients are mithril ring, ichor of the Cloud Peaks dryad, money, and a mystery ingredient from the Baldur's Gate Sewer King, then Drin will craft it...


Unfortunately, I already protected the dryad's tree...


I guess I'll fudge this by just adding the dryad's ichor to Xzar's inventory via Shadowkeeper. He supposedly has vials of all sorts of dark and disgusting materials for his necromantic research. I'm curious to see how this goes.

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IF ~InParty("xzar") !Dead("xzar") !StateCheck("xzar",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)

Global("X#XzarMakeRing","GLOBAL",0) PartyHasItem("X#XZDRIA") PartyHasItem("X#XZMIRI")~


try this out, Lemernis.. sorry I don't have time right now to do the full research bit, but this fires when you talk to Drinn -- I don't see any immediate things. Check that the item name is right on the CLUAConsoled items, then talk to HD again... see if it triggers. The ring generation continues on this path asking about cash, etc. -

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Apologies--what I wrote above was the result of confusion on my part.


I did already have Drin craft the first ring involving the Cloud Peaks dryad's ichor (the one that can cast Charm Person once per day). Before entering Sorcerous Sundries I added that ichor to Xzar's inventory via Shadowkeeper. Drin crafted the item for Xzar. So I've got that one. If the SPRITE_IS_DEAD variables are related to crafting that item, I cited the wrong variable(s).


It's the second item, the one that Xzar crafts all by himself, that I'm interested in now. And whatever global variable, if any, needs to be turned on in order to make this item.


The party did kill the Sewer King. And Xzar's conversation did fire about scooping up a vial of slime from the deceased Sewer King. He got the item legitimately in the course of the game, I didn't add it via Shadowkeeper.


If I understand correctly, Xzar uses that 'vial of vile extract' to enchant a mithril ring all by himself, right?

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I'm sorry, L - I can't find the reference right now. I just looked, and I know it' sthere - try checking through Xzar's banters. It may be set as one of those.


Nope.. looked -- it may be tied up with Zizi. I will try to deconstruct the quest, but it will be a few hours; I need to check some stuff. It may be that some actors have incorrect dvs and are not triggering. I'll be back later.

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And, if I have done my job right and not messed up something, the version released today has the correct DVs for Zizi, so things can get started!


I don't know if you can install this Beta 2 over the Beta1 (and I recoded it ) but I would not. I would save this for another game, and then when you go back for a new game use the newest version which should fix up some of Jaheira's Quest and Dynaheir's Quest as well as this interaction.

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