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A few q's

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Do you get to pick and choose which parts of the fixpack you want installed? I don't really want the elven charm fix, the oversight changes and the unlimited wishes; they change the game too much imo. Thanks!


Stuff which is extremely debatable as a fix is optional. However I think all of the one's you mention are just in the core fixes (they certainly aren't there own seperate components - though I have no idea what 'unlimited wishes' is).

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You might be thinking of the Bigg's Tweak Pack, which does contain an "unlimited wishes" component - there's nothing like that in the Fixpack, though.


From the Fixpack 'Mod Compatibility/Redundancy Notes' thread:


The following mods are included and do not need to be installed:
  • The Bigg Tweak Pack (as of v2.01): The 'Unlimited Limited Wish and Wish' component is included.



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There's a bugfix component of the bigg's mod (fixes some errors with the Djinn and with one of the wishes not giving you the promised gold, if I recall correctly) which is included...if the unlimited component is also included I can't find the salient part of the dialogue edits :mad:


Ah, in that case I suggest the compatibility / redundancy list be updated to reflect such a distinction - the way it's written currently, I got the impression that the TB tweak component is identical to that which is part of the Fixpack.

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The elven charm fix just simply seems like a pnp fix and not really a game fix that they overlooked. The alignment changes just seem way too objective to me. I don't know about the last one, but was it meant to be unlimited in the game?

If there would be two different versions of this mod, one where you pick everything separate and the way it is now, that would be awesome. I mean, picking everything isn't much different than the way to install all the fixes before this project came along.


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The elven charm fix just simply seems like a pnp fix and not really a game fix that they overlooked.


Incorrect. Elven resistance to charm and sleep is mentioned in their in-game description:


ELVES: Elves tend to be shorter and slimmer than normal humans. Their features are finely chiseled and delicate, and they speak in melodic tones. Elves are looked upon as being frivolous and aloof. They concern themselves with natural beauty, dancing, frolicking, and other similar pursuits. Their humor is clever, as are their songs and poetry. Elves have a natural resistance to charm and sleep magics. They can see in the dark with infravision, and they are very skilled in the use of the bow and long sword, receiving a +1 bonus on their To Hit rolls with them. Elves have a bonus to their dexterity, but incur a penalty to their constitution. There are five racial divisions of elves within the Realms: Gold elves, Moon elves, Wild elves, Sea elves, and Drow.
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Bioware set themselves up by claiming to base the game on AD&D rules but not strictly adhering to those rules. They even copied rule text verbatim from the books into the game, which tends to contradict how they actually implemented things. They also claimed that it was impossible to implement pnp rules on a computer, but based on some mods I've seen online and stuff I've done in my own install, those claims seem to indicate more of a lack of imagination and problem solving than anything else. Almost anything can be implemented on a computer if you put your mind to it.


And regarding the alignment fixes, I'd suggest leaving the actual fixes in the core fixes section, but putting all the subjective fixes into the Cool section. Still, having some alignment is better than having no alignment, especially if you're using The Equalizer long sword.

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Argh, docs are wrong. The 'unlimited' bits of the Wish fixes actually refers to its school restrictions. Limited Wish is school-restricted from diviners and enchanters whereas Wish has no such restrictions. Scroll restrictions match both of these as well. We had discussed changing these to be consistent but no changes have been made. The other fixes (inconsistent wish genies and the error with one of the 'gold' wishes) are included.

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Notepad won't display the TP2 correctly in Windows. I first have to open it in Word as an encoded text file so that the end-of-line characters are fixed, then I save it as a standard (non-Unix) text file. Then I can open it with Notepad and everything looks great.

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