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D'Arnise Keep Guards


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Just noticed this recently after I dl'd the new Fixpack, Auren & Amber and I don't think Auren & Amber are doing it.


We lower the drawbridge, fight off the trolls and Yuan-ti with the keep guards and then go back inside. Normally the game proceeds with one of the guards casting flame blade, killing the troll and saying something like "I've done all I can <CHARNAME>....


On both my re-installation of the game the guards after the troll is killed remain and there is no conversation. No big deal but I'm wndering if something got changed here.

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I encountered this issue too. It's because KPTROL03.CRE (troll) is being assigned a generic troll script that causes it to change into a generic troll when it falls down. The guards check for a troll with the KPTROL03 script name, but it no longer exists, so they stand around and do nothing. This troll needs to have the same fix applied to it that is applied to several other kinds of trolls, namely an additional CRE file, custom script, and new changeanimation spell. That way the script name is preserved and the guards will behave normally.


Don't worry about it for your current game session though, as no flags or variables are set by the guards, they'll just stand there for the rest of your game.

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Smoketest, I am not trying to be nit-picky here, but if I don't say this, at least 4 people will write back asking why guards aren't standing around in *their* courtyards.


Once the D'Arnise keep is cleared and you have reported back to Nalia, thereby completing the quest, the area will change. It takes on the post-invasion area code, it is repopulated with (mostly) friendly and helpful NPCs, the dead golems and other assorted deceased monsters will be removed from the keep, all the doors will open, even some that were previously impassible, *and*


those guards standing around waiting to comment on dead trolls will be gone.

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This isn't fixed due to a typo in the code--our first bug of v1. :)


When the troll should fall down, it disappears instead because it tries to transform to a non-existent creature file. Hence, it never dies and the soldiers remain forever, just as before. You can manually work around this by insta-killing the original troll with something like Finger of Death or Disintegrate or by consoling the 'dead' version of the troll and killing it with fire/acid:




Alternatively, you can simply set the variable for the dead troll, but you'll miss the XP for killing it:




Any of these solutions will prompt the soldiers to deliver their dialogue and leave.


Sorry about this; it's fixed locally for v2.

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