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avatar morphing script - thief garb issues


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I've noticed that in several games so far I've experienced problems with the avatar morphing script. The problems have varied.


This time, the script doesn't always stay set to what I select--by which I mean when I enter a new area or reload it defaults to a particular avatar. This recently began happening with Jan Jansen, who I prefer in his wizard robe avatar but at some point began appearing in a hooded thief's outfit. I set the Avatar Morphing Script to male gnome wizard. But Jan keeps reverting to a thief appearance.


I'm running a whole lot of mods, including Moinesse's Avatars if that matters. I installed Moinesse very early in the installation process--in fact second, after 1PP. I installed the BG2 Tweak Pack (most recent version) very late in the order, third mod before last, before Divine Remix and Virtue.


I have selected both the Avatar Morphing Script and the Change Avatar When Wearing Robes or Armor components.


Any tips or suggestions on how to fix this?

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The "change avatars while wearing robes or armor" is the likely culprit. Jan is actually wearing leather armor. I do not know if it is possible to selectively exclude Jan from this script, but I doubt it. You might have to forgo this component.

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So run the BG2 Tweak Pack setup.exe again, uninstall the Change Avatar When Wearing Robes or Armor component, and I should be good to go?


I guess on the other hand, in the balance I may be able to live with Jan as a hooded thief so that the other characters look as they're supposed to in whatever they're wearing.

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It looks that way. It is, of course, a matter of your personal taste.


I used to install it all the time, but now I don't. I tend to think of certain characters a certain way. I dress Imoen like a thief, even if she's a mage. I dress Nalia like a mage. I prefer the gnomish mage avatar, even though I usually use Jan as a thief. I've been known to give human mages elven avatars because I like the long hair.

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Huh, people still use this tweak?


The morphing script is just a run-once script with a straight, arbitrary, avatar swap. Most other avatar changing scripts are probably constant and base the given avatar on your class, race, etc. Run both together and the morphing script will lose.

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I just uninstalled the Change Avatar When Wearing Robes or Armor component of the BG2 Tweak Pack. It was successful, but the program unistalled some parts of Divine Remix and Virtue, the two mods I loaded last (after the BG2 Tweak Pack).


Also, I noticed that Divine Remix and Virtue didn't appear to reinstall, after whatever pieces of them were uninstalled. At least I did not see any indication that they had. My WeiDU log was then blank after that, though, which is weird.


So I reinstalled both Divine Remix and Virtue. I got an error message specifically for the Druid Remix part (something about there not being enough space) but both programs notified me that the installations were successful.


Unfortunately I just tried opening my last saved game and the game crashes. Any suggestions what to do?

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Ouch, I had a very similar thing happen once... :mad: A segmentation fault during the installation of Divine Remix nuked the weidu.log and by extension my entire BG II installation. In my case everything was so messed up that I had to bite the bullet and reinstall everything from scratch. Since then I always install DR one component at a time (restarting WeiDU between each) and make pre-DR backups of the override, dialog.tlk, chitin.key and weidu.log just in case.

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