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SCS v3 released


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Version 3 of SCS is now out.


Primarily it's a bugfix but it features a smattering of new content (a new version of the Mirror Fiends of Durlag's Tower; streamlined AI scripts so that the delay when you meet monsters is reduced; a new component which randomises when you meet a couple of mid-game assassin parties; and - by request from Berelinde - a component that stops you accidentally killing Shar-Teel).


As usual, thanks to Cam for getting the new version uploaded; thanks also to everyone who pointed out bugfixes.

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Ahhhhhhh :mad: your killing me ;)


now to disassemble v3 and see what is changed from v2 so I can get a BGT beta released.


This mod on a mega install with BGT is awesome, only a couple of bugs to work out (not your errors or anything, compat issues with bgt) then with your go ahead a beta BGT release.



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