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Whiffs of Wensleydale

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Ok, here's a legitimate suggestion for tweek packs...


ok, i am a naughty cheater...once i noticed that among the wish spells, one option is "SPWISH09" which is globe of blades...


curious, i gave that to my pc, and cast it on myself...


i got the globe of blades!!! i suspect its a wish spell option that was removed,but it is part of the original spell options for wish...and i'd love to see it put back...


what do you think??? :D


true, its cheesy...imagine a sorc walking around with mislead or staff of magi with a globe of blades humming...but hey, cheesy is my middle name... :D

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Flame Blade (Evocation)

Level: 2

Sphere: Elemental (Fire)

Range: 0

Duration: 4 rounds + 1 round/2 levels

Casting Time: 4

Area of Effect: Special

Saving Throw: None


With this spell, the caster causes a blazing ray of red-hot fire to spring forth from his hand. This blade-like ray is wielded as if it were a sword that the caster already knows how to use, hence there are no bonuses or penalties. If the caster successfully hits with the flame blade in melee combat, the creature struck suffers 1d4 points of slashing damage, plus an additional 1d2 + 4 points of fire damage (i.e., 6-10 points). If the creature is protected from fire, the damage inflicted is reduced by 2 (i.e., 4-8 points). Fire dwellers and those using fire as an innate attack form suffer only slashing damage from the spell (i.e., 1-4 points). However, it is not a magical weapon in the normal sense of the term, so creatures struck only by magical weapons are not harmed by it.


after testing, i found out that it creates a magical weapon, stopped by protection from magic weapon...


so i changed it... :O;):p


its not the ultimate mage killer, since prot from normal weapon stops it, and it doesn't work on creatures who can only be hurt by magical weapons, like liches...but i have a single file,




which makes it behave correctly...


you guys want it???


a bit cheesy, since it slices thru protection from magic weapons, and stoneskin, due to elemental damage..


makes me use and memorize the spell.. :):(:O:O;):rant:

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Cheese. Maybe later we'll release a UU Cheddar Pack. :)

At one stage I did suggest Ease of Cheese.

game already does that for you...(all my cheese in guide is based on existing game elements unmodded or common, well known mods like tactics mod)


hmm...what i would include in a use of cheese mod...


flameblade made non magical.

area effect weapon in irenicus dungeon, for g deathblow cheese later...(or a couple of quivers of arrows of detonation)

amulet of project image

amulet of g acuity..

additional scrolls of protection from magic

bag of holding in irenicus dungeon

cloak of cheese

(constant effect spell turning, like original cloak of mirrors

ability to shapeshift to mustard jelly, mindflayer, g wolfwere

cast g acuity once a day...)

amulet of mislead

amulet of teleportation field

the super creepy sword...

(casts spook 25% of every hit

casts lower resistance 25% of every hit

casts doom 25% of every hit...)

amulet of iron skin...(cannot be breached)

amulet of timestop immunity

amulet of spell immunity

shield of repulse undead(cast spell 3 times a day)


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