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Monk Animation Changes


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One more idea: I've seen more than a few people bemoan the fact that monks can not use staves. Would enabling monks to use staves (the ones usable by thieves anyway) be of interest?

that's going to take a major re-edit..i've given a monk use any item before, and the animation simply isn't supported...the staff literally floated in front of my monk...same for a crossbow... :)

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Ok, I suggested this before, but maybe got lost in the shuffle. When you give the monk a weapon they no longer use their kicking attack. Is this possible?

In a word 'no'. The kicking attacks are the avatar animations for a 2-handed overhand swing or 2-handed backslash. Therefore you cannot give a monk a two-handed weapon or have him kick whilst using a one-handed weapon. Unless you want to edit the bams - which I don't.


IESDP: Avatar Naming Scheme

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