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HPPercentLT Trigger


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Has anyone else noticed something a little odd about the HPPercentLT trigger?


It seems to work haphazardly. The trigger is located at the begginning of Thaxll'ssillyia's override script (Morrow Gate) and returns true when appropriate most of the time. Sometimes, however, it seems to take a while for it to return true and trigger the script block (forcing me to run around dodging the dragon's attacks for a round or two so I don't accidently kill him). Any thoughts? Did Black Isle code the trigger a bit off, or is this likely some kind of local problem with my installation or my script?


- D

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Can't you just you give him an item which stops him from being killed?


No. If I did that, then good characters wouldn't be able to kill him. Unless I added a bit to one of the scripts that creates the item only if the quest has been given. For now, I bumped the trigger to 34 percent. It's not as easy to kill him by accident. If I receive complaints from players that use the mod, then I will use your suggestion, implemented via script.


It could be the preceding script block. However since it is at the top it is unlikely.


More possibly it could be the


Action command, which causes the script to "not kick in" until a few AI cycles.


I think that you're right about that, Zyraen.


- D

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