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Tutu Wand Costs

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Here's a few


CODE          Name                               BG1        BG2

AMUL17       Greenstone Amulet            15000     10000

AROW02      Arrows +1                        10           5

AROW04      Acid Arrows                      50           20

AROW05      Arrow of Biting                  50          150

AROW08      Arrow of Fire                     25          15

AROW09      Arrows of Ice                    30          15

AROW11      Arrows +2                        18           10

BLUN10       The Root of the Problem     2750       0

BOLT02       Bolt +1                             10           5

BOLT06       Bolt +2                             15           10

BOW06       Short Bow +1                    1500        350

BRAC01      Bracers of Defense AC 8    3000        1000

BRAC02      Bracers of Defense AC 7    3500        2500

BRAC03      Bracers of Defense AC 6    4000        3000

BRAC04      Bracers of Archery             5000       4000

BRAC06      Gauntlets of Ogre Power     9000       6500

BRAC07      Gauntlets of Dexterity        7000        5000

CLCK02      Cloak of Protection +2       9000         3000 (note: this is actually cheaper than the CoP +1!)

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Guest Todd Johnson

Game logic could go that you are in a different area (different country, in fact) in BG II than you are in BG1. You are traipsing around in the largely "unincorporated" Sword Coast in BG1. Amn is a much more densely populated, much wealthier land than areas like BG and Beregost, therefore, arguably magic items would be more plentiful and therefore prices less.

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Just a followup here... there is, unfortunately, no quick way to compare item costs in BG1 vs. BG2. As such, I would have to look up each item individually and compare and adjust accordingly.


In other words, it's unlikely this will be implemented soon.

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