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Potion of Healing, Elixir of Health, Potions of Extra and Superior Healing and Antidotes


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It only affects players who have Baldur's Gate II with Throne of Bhaal. If you don't have Throne of Bhaal, these potions can never be used by wizard slayers.


If you have Throne of Bhaal, however, then these potions can be used by wizard slayers at any and every point in the game (from starting a new game in SoA up to frolicking with Melissan Fat-Hands).


I don't think there are that many changes like this, though. They were pretty careful to leave the SoA portion alone (with only a few gameplay changes along the way). Whether it was because they went walking through every resource in Tales and just broke the whole game (and learned from that mistake) or because they just didn't care, we'll never know.

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In general, Fixpack favors the ToB ruleset where it differs from SoA, i.e. in the case of healing potions-Wiz Slayers and also in the case of dual-classing Archers and Stalkers. As a counterexample, we don't change the Wiz Slayer MR progression, though it changes from SoA to ToB.

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