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BG1 - Minsc joing dialog bug


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Happy New Year people! I'm doing another run through of BG1 using EasyTutu. DL'd G3's Tweaks, NPC mod, Mur'neth, Sirene's Call, Finch, Indira, BWL's "In Candlelight" and the beta for BG1 Tutu Unfinished Business from PPG.


This problem happened and I don't know if it comes from the orignal un-modded Bioware game or not.


I picked up Edwin early and we killed Dynaher. When we came back to Nashkel Minsc gives his speech about wanting to join because his witch is dead but the normal drop party/add party screen doesn't show. I checked the _Minsc.dlg file and there was no JoinParty() after BEGIN 11. I am enclosing the bit of code with the corrected by me 'Begin 11'. Like I said, I don't know if this was an orignal Bioware error or not but I can't see him speaking the lines I see in Begin 8 in the first reply in an unmodded game. But I've never played the game w/o going to rescue Dynaher w/o Minsc in party before either so I could be wrong.


IF WEIGHT #10 /* Triggers after states #: 13 20 21 22 23 even though they appear after this state */


~ THEN BEGIN 8 // from:

SAY ~AAuughh! Dynaheir has been slain! For what purpose am I now? I cannot return home in disgrace, she was my responsibility! NOOOOO! What (sniff) what is it Boo? Yes... no I... yes... yes... YES! You there, may we join with you? You fought well, and it would lessen my shame to be in your company. My honor is yours, will you accept it?~ /* #86854 */

IF ~~ THEN REPLY ~Ham it up no more, mighty warrior. Travel with me and there is sure to be opportunity to repair your damaged honor!~ /* #86855 */ DO ~SetGlobal("HelpMinsc","GLOBAL",2)

~ GOTO 11

IF ~~ THEN REPLY ~You could not protect your own charge, so what use are you to me? I'll not have you.~ /* #86856 */ DO ~SetGlobal("HelpMinsc","GLOBAL",2)

~ GOTO 10

IF ~~ THEN REPLY ~While I'm sure you would be an... interesting addition to the group, I think it would be best if you... left. Go on a quest of self-discovery or something.~ /* #86857 */ DO ~SetGlobal("HelpMinsc","GLOBAL",2)

~ GOTO 9



IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 9 // from: 8.2

SAY ~Sniff... yes. YES! A quest! I shall quest until my honor positively bloats! Minsc and Boo, roaming the Realms for adventure! When the epics tale of us are written, I'll be sure to give you a footnote! Farewell!~ /* #86858 */

IF ~~ THEN DO ~LeaveParty()




IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 10 // from: 8.1

SAY ~My sword is at your feet and you would spit upon it!? That's just so... un-heroic!~ /* #86859 */

IF ~~ THEN DO ~Enemy()




IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 11 // from: 8.0

SAY ~Hooray! We will honor the memory of Dynaheir with deeds that make grown men tremble! See? Boo trembles even now!~ /* #86860 */

IF ~~ THEN DO ~JoinParty()~ EXIT


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This set of strings is not found in BG1 NPC project files; this may be one for Miloch, Macready, and the UB folks. Can't find the refs -- wait....


yep, vanilla (unmodded) EasyTutu latest version, _MINSC.DLG shows these lines. This is one for Macready!

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