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We did these together with Domi in Kivan's workroom. :p


All these are free floaters. Some are scripted, some are not. I suggest using J files for scripted banters, since both Kivan and Xan have such a large amount of banters it is difficult to assign weights. For the same reason, no weights are needed for non-scripted banters - so no lovetalks/friend talks are interrupted.




// SoA


1. (scripted - a timer for 500 is set after both are in the party)


Kivan: ~So you've been robbed of all your possessions?~

Xan: ~(sigh) Of every single thing. Kivan, may I remind you about the perils we face now? I’d rather not add the past grievances into the bargain.~

Haer'Dalis (if in Party): Art thou dangerously close to losing your sunshine disposition, my petrel?~

Kivan: ~I had to pay a fine to the Magistrate, which left me almost broke. There must be something in Athkatlan air.~

Xan: ~You kept the cloak on your back.~

Kivan: ~You missed out on almost being jailed.~

Xan: ~I nigh wished I were, when I discovered that *everything* disappeared, including my robes. I suppose that clearing out my pockets was not sufficient; they had to take the *pockets*.~

Kivan: ~When I counted coins out of my own purse into the man’s greedy hand, I wished he was a bandit, and I had a sword in my hands.~

Xan: ~(sigh) Human cities are not a place for an elf.~

Kivan: ~Unless you are Coran.~

Xan: ~That's enough talking about thieves.~


2. (scripted: GlobalGT("P#KivanLove","GLOBAL",3) Global("O#XanRomanceActive","GLOBAL",1) )


Xan: ~Kivan...~

Kivan: ~What is it, mellonamin?~

Xan: ~(sigh) I do not know what to say. It is difficult...~

Kivan: ~It must be, for you look pained. But I am here for you to talk to, should you wish it.~

Xan: ~Oh, but I do not think I do... do you see?~

Xan: ~I value your company, mellonamin. Before meeting you, I wasn't even sure if I had friends. Now I do, but... (sigh) I am all too aware that these tentative beginnings may soon descend into rivalry. I would not want this, but the matter is out of my hands.~

Kivan: ~Mellonamin, I do not fully understand how I managed to upset you so. For what it is worth - you have my friendship.~

Xan: ~And I appreciate it. But I would prefer to spend time on my own, for now.~

Kivan: ~As you wish.~


3. (not scripted, a regular banter)


Xan: ~When did it all become so complicated?~

Kivan: ~For me, it never was.~

Xan: ~(sigh) Of course. Tazok is dead, and helping <CHARNAME> is your sole goal. I envy you.~

Kivan: ~(quietly) Do you?~

Xan: ~I... oh, Seldarine, no - I am sorry, Kivan. No... of course not. But you have no doubts about your path, do you?~

Kivan: ~What doubts can there be? You have seen what Irenicus has done to <CHARNAME>, Imoen and others, have you not?~

Xan: ~So I did. But... there are other concerns. Despite my sympathy for <CHARNAME>'s plight, I am here on a mission. I am bound to help my people, so some decisions... may be out of my hands.~

Kivan: ~We are honor-bound to help all good folk, Xan, not only the People.~

Xan: ~Indeed? Sometimes I think I do not know any more.~


4. (not scripted, a regular banter)


Kivan: ~Your head is down again, Xan.~

Xan: ~Our doom is inevitable. Why look for it? It will come regardless.~

Kivan: ~I can only hope you speak in jest, my friend. Our lives may be saved with one of your spells.~

Xan: ~(sigh) My spells? They are worthless. Have you noticed that our enemies become less affected by magic? And, I should note, they become impervious to your arrows, as well. We are doomed, Kivan.~

Kivan: ~United and alert we stand a better chance to survive.~

Xan: ~So naive. Had Irenicus wanted it, we would be at his mercy even now, and nothing would have helped. Neither your bow, nor my magic.~

Kivan: ~(grips the shaft of his bow tightly) We shall see.~


5. (not scripted, a regular banter; extra conditions: Global("DeherianaDead","GLOBAL",0) !InParty("P#Deher") )


Xan: ~Do you think of home often, Kivan?~

Kivan: ~Shilmista? No, not the place.~

Xan: ~But its people….~

Kivan: ~They are long gone from there, all those I love.~

Xan: ~Strange, that. Just as you, I have no one left in Evereska, and yet I see her in reverie every night, and long to return there during the day. Don't you?~

Kivan: ~I will return to Shilmista. And then I will never leave.~

Xan: ~You will pass to the Blessed Realm from there, as you said to <CHARNAME> before. (sigh) I see. I will miss your presence.~

Kivan: ~We will meet there.~

Xan: ~True enough. At least one of us will be happy then.~

Kivan: ~I will, with my Deheriana. But I hope that in meanwhile you’ll find joy.~




// ToB


1. (scripted - a timer for 500 is set after ToB's beginning, Deheriana, Kivan and Xan in the party)


Xan: ~So this is Deheriana?~

Kivan: ~Yes...~

Xan: ~Kivan!~

Kivan: ~Yes...~

Xan: ~You are happy, I suppose, the way you can't take your eyes off her.~

Kivan: ~Yes...~

Xan: ~Kivan, will you marry me?~

Kivan: ~Y- What?~

Xan: ~(sigh) I thought grief was making you laconic and removed, but now it is apparent that such is your nature.~

Kivan: ~Yes...~

Xan: ~Merciful Seldarine!~


2. (not scripted, a regular banter)


Xan: <CHARNAME> has recovered <PRO_HISHER> soul.~

Kivan: You look pensive. What’s troubling you about it?~

Xan: ~(sigh) The insignificant fact that <PRO_HESHE> is now the central figure of Alaundo's prophecy, or close enough. The one with the rivers frothing of blood.~

Kivan: ~I believe <CHARNAME> to be a person of good will.~

Xan: ~And so do I... most of the time. But even Alaundo the Seer sayeth "chaos will be sown in their footsteps". Need we any *more*?~

Kivan: ~Xan, if you wish me to tell you that everything will be well, I cannot. Alaundo might, but he’s long dead. Our best chance to avert the doom is to support <CHARNAME>, and pray that <PRO_HESHE> does not succumb to the taint.~

Xan: ~(sigh) True. But this helplessness is overwhelming.~

Kivan: ~I know this only too well.~


3. (not scripted, a regular banter)


Xan: ~So much has happened in so short a time. It frightens me, to be honest.~

Kivan: ~Wars are no laughing matter, and the war for the Lord of Murder’s Seat is enough to fill any man with foreboding of doom.~

Xan: ~And our safe place is a corner of the Nine Hells. Ironic, is not it?~

Kivan: ~A dreary place. Wakeful. Watchful. <CHARNAME>'s.~

Xan: ~I'd much rather not talk about it. It gives me a chill.~

Xan: ~... Kivan, do you think we are mad already or not quite yet?~

Kivan: ~Anyone who thinks that a small company can defeat five great armies is mad.~

Xan: ~I've been saying it all along! And so far I've been the only one who does not believe we can, it seems.~

Kivan: ~Then you've kept your sanity, mellonamin.~

Xan: ~Small consolation, that.~

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