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To Battle!


Which of these war-cries are best suited for Eirik?  

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I could only pick one, but my choices were 3, 4, 5, 7.


Sorry, Eirik, but I'm really not into parenthetical warcries, unless you're using that as a placeholder for said animal noise and you plan to have someone voice it, in which case that will make the pick - provided that you take the words between the ** out.

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Assuming this is for your Skald, npc, then I'd have to go with 7 as it sounds suitably melodramatic, for a bard. If done well, then the animal cry would also be a good choice, however, any example I can think of, of a war-*cry* (eg those on the standard voice selection) are pretty shoddy...

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@berelinde: It was late, and I wasn't thinking clearly.


@Kulyok: A skald should inspire others to battle -- at least that was the thought. In retrospect, yeah, the first one doesn't come off as well.


@Daeva: I couldn't very well say 'Valhalla' -- the name for it in the FR setting is 'Warriors Rest," I believe. That doesn't sound as melodramatic. Then I remembered beowulf used the term 'Shining Citadel.' ;)

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Numbers two and three are cool, number five is interesting.


About #5: "Desperta ferro!", which translates from Catalan as "Awake, iron!". The Almogavars used to cry this shout the dawn before a battle, while they beat their swords on the nearby rocks to keep them clean from the rust. In the dim light many sparks were lighted, which scared the enemy watching them.

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Oh. Wow. I guess my knowledge of battlecries is limited, except the eternal Russian "Mochi kozlov!" - "Kill these goats!" But that's, um, modern Russian.


Heh, I know only about something like "uraaa!" ;)


*ahem* I'm for option 2. "I smell a battle!" would suit to skald :D

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My vote goes to "Awake, iron!" ... it's short, to the point, and you'll be hearing it a lot.


The shining citadel line is good as well, but demands more of your voice actor, and I feel it could be too long.

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