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The year after

Guest ~MG~

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I know I already posted this on other boards, but oh well.




Funny to think it has already been a year since I last approached the modding community. A few changes here and there, but nothing out of the ordinary. I figured some new mods would've been finished by now, but somehow it's satisfying to see everything is as slow as ever.


Remember me? I'm the ebil Moongaze, loathed black sheep of the community. ^_^ Or at least I was a year ago. I have no idea if that has changed, hence why I'm here to find out. It's odd...lately I seem to be visiting all my old forums again. Curiousity gets the best of me, I guess. I'm not here to raise hell, though if that happens, I won't be held responsible simply for showing my face around here. ^^


That said, I have no idea how for how long I'll be staying, nor how active I'll be. If you really really want to contact me, you're better off catching me on an instant messenger, and to a lesser extent, send me a PM on RPGDungeon. I prefer IM's, though, since I seem to be on those a lot more than I used to, lately.


As for modding, I haven't remotely touched Baldur's Gate (or most of my games for that matter) this past year, so I doubt I'll be playing any. Plus, the days of starting projects are long gone for me. I have absolutely no interest in that anymore. I wouldn't even mind if Rastor deleted the Aerie Friendship and Wikaede Revisited boards from here, since I deleted all my BG-related files anyway, so even if someone wanted to pick it up, they'd have to start all over and without me being able to tell them what I wanted, as I completely forgot all about the plans I had. Seriously, I don't remember more than half of what I wanted for my first mod, Alcander...I realized that lately. I didn't even remember the names of certain essential characters anymore. Same with Lockheart, I remember a few things, but what I planned...I have no idea anymore. Talk about no longer interested...


Well, I'm not sure what else to say now. ^^ I guess a public apology to each and every member of the community could work, but that's a little...I dunno. Would it help? I mean, if you want to forgive and forget, you will. If you want to stay mad at me, you will. If you want to not care, you will. I doubt my apology will do much to change that.


It's not that I don't regret my stupid anger, but I've come to realize it wasn't all my fault, what with certain people constantly fueling it on purpose. ^_^ You know who you are, and if you feel the same urge to try it again, you'll be disappointed. Trust me. ^_~


I'll let you guys shock and gasp a while longer, 'till you've gathered the feelings you wish to direct towards me or not. You know how to reach me. ^^ hee hee



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Well, someone's a happy camper! :)


It's all the same to me, I haven't been around long enough to know what you speak of.

But I will say one thing, and that thing is this:

Mods take time. It's Herculean piece of work, and you can't hold mod writers responsable for taking a while to create them from A to Z. They all have priorities, and sometimes, RL comes before the mod, or whatever. So patience, I guess, is a pre-requisite.


But then again, maybe I'm totally missing the point, but humour me, I don't know all the factors that are intervening here. Blush.gif

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