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  1. Ok, not sure its mod related at all, but I got some weird behaviour with Sarevok. He got imprisoned during the fight with Sendai. I cast freedom during the fight and got him to join back with the group still while the fight was going. Once the fight was over and the group got teleported back from the pocket plane after talking to the solar there was a Balor left to kill. The instant the Balor was killed, Sarevok triggered his alignment change talk. Ever since this fight he has almost no sight radius (no fog of war gets cleared) and he doesn´t trigger the leaving Dialogue, when I reform the party to kick him out. This may be related to him having no sight of the other characters to walk up and talk to them. I really don´t know. I would appreciate any advise on fixing this. edit: Nevermind, I fixed it. I guess it was some wonky blindness effect going on. I power-word blinded him and then cured it with neutralize Poison. Now he´s back to normal.
  2. But then again I would rather use spell shield and minor globe. There are like 3 spells that may be worth it for to cast a GOI over a minor GOI. And those are either not that harmful or are used rather rarely by enemies. Teleport Field, Icestorm and Greater Malison. And on the last one I am not sure, if GOI actually protects against it. So using a lv6 slot instead of a lv4 slot for that seems like a horrible waste. I am just irritated because GOI did protect your spell shield against spell thrust in earlier versions. I have been watching mivsans SCS-Ascension playthrough on youtube and on several occasions his (and the enemies) spell shield was not affected by spell thrust because of a GOI.
  3. Another question (maybe bug): When having a spell shield and a globe of invulnerability, shouldn´t the spell shield be protected against spell thrust by the GOI? I just tried it and the spell shield gets consumed by a spell thrust. If this is intended, GOI is a very bad choice over minor globe.
  4. Don't know if it is SCS doing or it is intended or vanilla but in Watchers Keep Level 3 in the room behind the first talking demons with Cornugons, pit fiend and velithu (and the traps on each exit) my party got instantly greeted with several lightning bolts and fireballs. Later a meteor swarm was summoned by the pit fiend. Rather unfair in a dead magic zone.
  5. The component to make high level spells on mages and priests to innate abilities is bugged. It works at first but over the course of the game the abilities get lost and won´t refresh when resting. My mages now reached about level 22 when I first noticed that dragons breath and planetar were missing on Imoen.
  6. Are there that many dependencies out there in the still maintained mods? And will it be feasible to keep such listings up to date? Don't really know much about modding but maybe it is possible to gather for every mod(-component) the information, which resources it creates/reads/updates? This information could be used to calculate such dependencies instead of maintaining them manually. But this is a wild guess.
  7. I am not sure this is mod related or more specifically Ascension related. Anomen told me about the Hillgnasher Giants like 5 times in SOA. And Jan told him off.
  8. I just loaded a save from chapter 3 ( if I remember correctly) and travelled to Watchers Keep. The intro to Watchers Keep plays (the text that is read out) and so I know, this is my first visit. Once the area opens after that the message displays that my char got Improved Slayer Form (on the save I am above 2 million XP). And true enough, once I check the special ability tab I have the ability to transform into the Slayer (with a 3 on it). The ability is usable just like if I aquired it naturally in spellhold. My main char is part mage and I have SCS option for spell triggers to be innate abilities. Maybe there is some cross influencing going on. I Don´t know. edit: To clarify: The save is from before spellhold, because Yoshimo is still in my group and he died in this playthrough.
  9. Bhaalspawn powers now don´t get doubled, but the main character still gets the ability to transform into the slayer (before spellhold).
  10. Great, thanks! Gonna test it in the next few days with an appropriate savegame. edit: getting a 404 when trying to download the .exe .
  11. Is it intended, that a project image clone can use set up spell triggers (by original caster) but the triggers of the clone are actually empty (so nothing happens)? And when using the setting, that makes triggers, sequencers and such innate abilities, the clone can set them up themselves, but they too won´t work. Also intended? edit: it gets even weirder. When trying to prepare a sequencer with a clone of Imoen the spell book of named character opens instead of Imoens one. Just noticed that one. for the record: Chain Contingency set up to fire on hit DOES work on the project image, when the clone sets it up.
  12. Yes, i am fine with that. Although it also applies to multiclass (Jan Jansen). I guess, his traps will be affected too and his advancement in them will be slowed down quite a bit due to his mage class. He will need like around 6.2 million XP instead of the expected 4.8 million to get the last trap type.
  13. Ok, that explains it. Thanks. Not a big issue, was just wondering.
  14. The component ~STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2~ #0 #4250 // Make spell sequencers and contingencies into innate abilities: v32.4 misses the level scaling of Contingency. On both my lv 16 Mages I can only set up a Level 4 spell although I should be able to set up a lv 5 spell (one spell level per three caster levels). edit: Ok, now it gets strange: Jan Jansen with only Illusionist Lv 13 (level 16 thief) can put lv5 spells into his contingencies. The other two mages above are dualclass (Imoen T7/M16) and main character is a kensage (9/16). I guess there is something wonky in the level calculation when used as a contingency.
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