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  1. My experience is that stacking all the Bless/Chant spells and then Emotion Hope leads to absolutely insane ST bonuses. So it is not a single spell in my opinion but how they play together. Divine Protection I didn´t find to be out of line but I didn´t abuse it for elemental protection in a pinch but rather as a shorter PFMW. After all priests have plenty of elemental protection at their hands with IWD spells now and they now have even ways to protect against dispelling. So I never had any use for the elemental resistance of the divine spells. To be honest, with SCS and Ascension installed and all the saving throw bonuses from the additional spells I find it very hard to get killed by spells once you get past maybe 2.5 mill XP. From then on physical damage is the main threat. Making those spells have a cast time of 7 with a duration of 3 rounds or some such would all but eliminate them from gameplay. There is no chance to cast them uninterrupted at that stage in the game.
  2. Thanks! Any guess on what this will boil down to while playing?
  3. There seems to be an inconsistency with many projectiles and the spells protection from normal missiles, protection from normal weapons and protection from magic weapons. Fire arrows for example get blocked by PFNM and PFMW. On the other hand fire arrows won't hurt monsters that are immune to normal weapons. Same holds true for several other projectiles. Also on a sidenote: the component that makes +1 arrows into fine ones boosts their damage since +1 arrows in BG2EE get no bonus damage but the fine ones do. Though admittedly this might be only cosmetic in the item description. I didn't actually test it.
  4. The new component looks great. That room is quite tough with SCS, especially without equipment. And fighting that all at once is definitely not intended.
  5. Does this mod give an additional pair of boots of speed? I just finished the the fight in the drow city and ended up with an additional pair of them in my inventory. Playing with SCS and Tweaks anthology.
  6. It was version 8.5 installed after Ascension on a normal BG2EE install (with SCS and some other mods).
  7. Don´t know about EET but I played it together with Ascension on BGIIEE and it nearly cost my my game. Don´t know, if it works standalone but it certainly had unresolvable issues together with Ascension. I luckily could salvage my savegame by uninstalling it before confronting Balthazar. So my recommendation is to stay away from this mod for now.
  8. Keep in mind that innate HLAs which scale with level (Planetar, Deva, Discs) will be weaker on Dual class characters like Imoen and Nalia. Also they tend to bug out and you can lose them permanently. I had this happen in my game years ago when that component got introduced. Didn't find anything in the changelog that this has been fixed since then.
  9. Likely the latest available from here. Started the playthrough about two months ago and downloaded the mod freshly back then. Not at home right now, so I cannot check. If I deleted the mod I won't be able to check the version number. Edit: Just checked. It was Version 8.5
  10. I reported the fact that even basic Liches do get Trap the soul in this very thread here. I used the same fix of replacing the empty file with the old one. Edit: I am now right before Amelyssan, so it is doable.
  11. This might be a playstyle thing, but when facing a Lich exposed party members have a protection from fire and magic damage through items and spells when the fight begins and do not need to cast it mid fight unless removed. And timestop is a huge problem because your characters auras do not get cleansed during it. If you cast Divine protection before the timestop, it will be gone once the timestop ends and the spells take effect and your aura will be blocked. So it really doesn´t matter if the SCS AI does this intentionally, it will happen quite regularly. And to reiterate: yes, this is a buff to clerics. And dearly needed in my opinion. Unless taking some weird kits into account they are imho the weakest class by far with only vanilla spells.
  12. Might be observation bias on my side, but even casting time of 1 is long enough to get interrupted when casting without total protection. Apart from that I agree that the very short duration of the spells justifies the short casting time and fits to other similar spells. But I do agree too that they bring a different flavor to clerics opposed to vanilla. That being said I do find clerics to be really pushovers with vanilla spells only. And Druids really only have awful low level spells.
  13. I won't argue that casting time of 1 is slightly overpowered. But needing basically a whole round to cast them makes them almost unusable in combat. If using your clerics offensively like I do in my current playthrough (Jaheira and Anomen) they have to leave combat to recast Armor of Faith reliably because despite armor class they do get interrupted very often if they try to cast it in combat. And said Lich will only need one timestop to wait out those protections.
  14. With those casting times and such short durations I would never ever use them.
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