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  1. Version 1.01 uploaded. Fixed Backup folder issues and changed the .cre name of the planetar so it Summon Planetar will bypass the Celestial summoning limit.
  2. Nope, only the non-fallen Celestials. The evil version of the celestials being fallen, doesn't really make sense lore-wise. A Celestial falls when their alignment/actions varies from the the alignment set by their deity. This can mean that a Lawful Good Planetar can fall if he/she becomes Neutral Good. Also, with the fall comes a loss of powers, resistances, immunities. If the fallen Celestial becomes evil enough, then they turn into one of the lower-planar fiends/creatures. Sorry, no new nasty enemies for you to fight. Also, they don't have new scripts, so it wouldn't be much of a
  3. Heh, I thought I had got those files. Oh well, I'll just be uploading a version 1.01 later today with a couple of minor changes.
  4. Thanks for the kind words. Please feel free to tear this apart from a modding perspective. I'm sure there are many things I could have done better, espeically with my Weidu packaging. I am already aware that the new deva summon bypasses the limit on celestials, but the Planetar summon does not. I'll be changing the Planetar so it will also bypass the limit, since I never liked summoning caps and the player can summon as many demons as they desire with the Gate Spell, and other more evil spells.
  5. P&P Celestials Version 2 Author: Caedwyr Something that bothered me from the first time I played Baldur's Gate II, was the weakness of many of the creatures. Among these were the elemental princes, the devas and planetars, and the various demons and devils. In Pen and Paper AD&D these are powerful and scary enemies if you get on their wrong sides. In Baldur's Gate II, they were minor obstacles to be plowed over by the Bhaalspawn and his/her party. What I have done in this mod is to modify the Devas and Planetars that are summoned by the player so they gain most of their Mons
  6. Which isn't wholy a bad thing. Think of all the money you will save not having to buy new games.
  7. According to the complete book of necromancers, Humans are typically the only race allowed to be necros, but that is for balance reasons (the same reason why demi-humans have level limits). It does mention that non-humans can be necros, but recommends keeping them as baddies and NPCs for the party to encounter.
  8. Half Ogres recieve +1 str, +1 con, -1 int, -1 cha. They have the following stat ranges after bonus point modifications: STR: 14-18 DEX: 3-12 CON: 14-19 INT: 3-12 WIS: 2-12 CHA: 2-8 I can send you more info on Half-Ogres as a playable race. The file is ~84kb in .pdf format.
  9. Actually, having looked at the sisters bios in a bit more detail, it seems like they aren't quite the transplanted natives of Sigil that I thought they were at first glance. As such you can definately get away with more of the Anyways, I hope this little vinegrette got the designers thinking on how to get their characters even more in character.
  10. I got a person I know who has pretty extensive knowledge of the planescape setting to take a look at the proposals for this mod and got some responses that may help you refine these interesting npcs. Hope this helps.
  11. Yes, Delainy is in the nice and easy to use Weidu format.
  12. Littz's first post on Dec. 5 lets everyone know that the fix has been coded up and tested. You can view the thread here. I'm sure if you asked Littz, he would be willing to provide the code for you as both him and T.G. Maestro are big on cross mod standardization of kit modifications.
  13. You may have seen T.G. Maestro's post over at FWS, but it looks like the Shapeshifter werewolf form will be implemented in the upcoming refinements mod, using your suggested bugfix for the dispel problems. You may want to talk to him or Littz about what exactly is being done and obtaining a copy of the implemented code.
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