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  1. Done! Our teammate p_zombie finded errors in code and resolve problem with non appear russian trranslation. Now all is ok. All% language% changed to% LANGUAGE%, cause weidu has case dependency. Added missed lines in russian .tra, ee.tra, encoded to win-1251 (old files was in UTF-8 and doesn't appear in game). Now translation is ok and text appear correctly. And some notes: ascension_main.tpa line 129 possible error. dot instead of slash WITH_TRA "% ascension_tra_loc% / english.epilogues.tra" "% ascension_tra_loc% /% LANGUAGE% / epilogues.tra" BEGIN fixed: WITH_TRA "%
  2. New necropost. Russian translation Russian.zip
  3. There should not be 2 or 3 versions of the same mod. The principles of the modder community have not changed for years. If changes are made to the source code, they must be posted publicly on the forum. If the mod’s author is retired, need to find someone who will maintain the mod today. Or just send fixes to Leondardo Watson's Big World Fixpack.
  4. Redrake's IWD Fixpack Last version (v2 Weidu) overwrite anything that it touches, isn't it?
  5. Russian translation npckit.zip
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