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  1. New necropost. Russian translation Russian.zip
  2. Updated Russian translation for v13. setup.tra
  3. There should not be 2 or 3 versions of the same mod. The principles of the modder community have not changed for years. If changes are made to the source code, they must be posted publicly on the forum. If the mod’s author is retired, need to find someone who will maintain the mod today. Or just send fixes to Leondardo Watson's Big World Fixpack.
  4. If CamDawg will made IDW2FIxpack - I will be 1-st sponsor of this project I guarantee
  5. Another useful thing from Sorcerers.net Slowdown Fixes by Extremist & Quint http://www.sorcerers.net/Games/dl.php?s=IWD2&f=IWD2/IWD2_Slowdown_Fix.zip
  6. next component for new version of Unfinished Business ;-)
  7. Updated russian translation. Author: subzero400 spstuff.zip
  8. Redrake's IWD Fixpack Last version (v2 Weidu) overwrite anything that it touches, isn't it?
  9. possible cut content http://www.shsforums.net/topic/54158-iwd-issuesfixes/page__view__findpost__p__548155
  10. Here is russian translation by Caroline. During translation, we found some errors. Fixed files attached. K#Aur25J.tra Line Has been divided into two parts, @86 and @861. K#Aur25J.d Added @861. K#AurenB.tra Line Has been divided into two parts, @194 and @1941. K#AurenB.d Added @1941. K#Aure25.baf and K#Auren.baf Both files traifyed. Translation added to scripts.tra. Setup-AurenAseph.tp2 The next two lines have been added: And added russian language: All changes in tra-files made ​​for both languages ​​English and German. AurenAseph.zip
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