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  1. Turnabout is fair play. The Turnabout mod adds a new wrinkle to the final fight in Throne of Bhaal, enabling the player to recall up to three dead allies to aid in the battle. Seven possible allies are available: Dynaheir Tiax Khalid Xzar Gorion Yoshimo Alianna (the PC's mother) My update, made 14 years after the mod's release (to be clear, I have nothing to do with the original team), makes this classic mod compatible with EE, as well as fixes critical bugs present in the first version. A version is also provided for the original BG2, for users who don't want to use EE but want the fixes present in my update. Download the mod here. Turnabout requires that Ascension v2.0 be installed. It can be downloaded here.
  2. Oh, hello again. Sorry, we seem to be playing forum tag; I responded to your post over on Pocket Plane.
  3. I've since fixed the issue, and you can find my updated version of Turnabout here: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/77311/mod-turnabout-updated-to-1-3
  4. I have a very promising lead on what the bug is, and the only thing I need is a BG2EE save game with Ascension already installed that's already at the final battle so I can test the fix. Anyone have one handy?
  5. Turnabout for EE (if you don't know what Turnabout is, click here) has received an update that fixes a critical bug with Khalid's ending. Download the mod here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jijb5q1babp5jt9/Turnabout-UpdatedForEE.zip?dl=0 I'm trying to get in touch with the Pocket Plane admin folks to have this update be added to the mod's main page, but so far have had no luck. Also, if you can help me out with another technical issue, I have a help thread about Turnabout's loading problems up here:
  6. Turnabout is plagued by a problem described in its readme: However, in my experience, no other mod really suffers from this. I suspect it's because Turnabout was never updated since its original release in 2005, and other, more recent mods take advantage of new scripting techniques or some such. I'm a total newbie to BG modding, but I have a long history of modding other games, and I want to polish this old gem to a more presentable state. What exactly would I have to do to resolve Turnabout's loading problems, such that modern computers don't break the code?
  7. After a bit of testing myself I think I've discovered the problem they were referring to: disabling traps also disables undead spawning in after their respective tombs are looted. In SoD's starting dungeon, Korlasz' family tomb, this can lock the player out of certain quests, as the undead that spawn after popping open the sarcophagi never appear (the mummy on the first floor who wants you to drive the mercenaries off; the spirit on the second floor who wants the broken staff, etc). Not sure if other areas or quests are similarly affected, as I only had time to check out the first dungeon, but I thought I should give you a heads-up.
  8. What's the status of the "No traps or locks" component working on Siege of Dragonspear areas? There was a report about a month ago saying that it bugged certain areas, but didn't go into detail. The report is also somewhat old now, as stated. Regardless, thanks for all your hard work keeping this essential mod updated.
  9. Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I reported a bug a few months ago and thought I'd repost it here. In short, Amelia, the ghost you can encounter in Coran's personal quest, is completely unbalanced to the point of being nearly unbeatable: The problems I experienced were identical to those reported by a guest user back in November 2009:
  10. Hey there! I'm about to start a run of BG2 with a bunch of mod NPCs (your Xan, Coran, and Branwen; Domi's Kivan), and I just wanted to say thanks for releasing all of these little add-ons for the Crossmod pack. Shame it's not maintained as well as it should be, but you're going above and beyond the call of duty by putting these updates out on your own. Thanks again!
  11. Cirosan


    There is still a major issue with Amelia's balance as of version 20. She still has immunity to +2 weapons - both melee and projectile. I was playing an Inquisitor with a Long Sword +2, and Kivan and Jaheria both had Arrows +2 and Bullets +2, respectively. All of their weapons were totally ineffective. The staggeringly high magic resistance does not help the problem, and Amelia's ability to go Etheral makes it impossible to keep up.
  12. Discovered an incredibly odd bug with the mod during a Tutu playthrough. When talking to the NPC Raleo Windspear in Beregost, Ajantis and Raleo seem to use random strings from the mod at length before the conversation returns to normal. Specifically, after the NPC's normal greeting, Ajantis has a box of dialogue that reads "Installs Ajantis Friendship Modification". The NPC Raleo responds with another box saying "BGT install detected" or something similar, even though I'm using Tutu. Among the other things they say is "Medium Shield +1" and the complete text of Ajantis' family shield description (the name, the flavor text, stats, abilities, who can use it, everything). After all this, the conversation returns to normal. This doesn't happen again if you speak to the NPC another time. I was able to repeat the bug by reloading a save, unfortunately, so it wasn't just a fluke. I also tried using the "Ajantis, your voice sounds strange" option from the BG1NPC PID to fix the strings before speaking to the NPC again, but the bug still happened. My guess is, based off of the NPC's surname, that there was supposed to be some exchange foreshadowing how Ajantis would be found in Windspear Hills in BG2. It might be that the install is just screwy on my end, but I followed the Tutu install order guide from this forum and I'd used this mod before without issue. I can post my WeiDU log later if it's of any help; I'm not currently on my desktop now.
  13. 1. The readme states that the player character can help resurrect Deheriana "if the PC is one of the healing classes (Ranger, Druid, Cleric or Paladin)". However, will this still work if the PC has taken one of the kits that forbades healing magic (i.e., could an Inquisitor help resurrect Deheriana as a Paladin despite not knowing healing magic)? 2. After being resurrected, does Deheriana have to be in the party for Kivan to stay with you? Or will they both leave if you kick one of them out, like Khalid and Jaheira in BG1? Thanks in advance for the help.
  14. Don't know if something like this has been made before, but a quick Google search didn't yield anything so I whipped something up myself. I made a utility for BG2 that changes the Tab key into a toggle for highlighting useable items instead of having to be held down all the time. With this file running, you can press Tab once and all useable items will stay highlighted for as long as you want. To deactivate the highlighting, just press Tab again. Constantly holding Tab down is no longer necessary. More formal documentation is included below. Forgive me if I've broken some protocol for uploading files on the site, but I didn't have permission to upload new files formally and I'm generally a moron, so I figured this was the next best thing. Hope it helps. ------------------------------------------ Tab Toggle for Baldur's Gate II v1.0 Original code by Cambios@Frogdice Games Adapted for BG2 by Cirosan >> Download: bg_tab_toggle.zip >> Download Mirror How do I use it? ---------------------- The Tab key now toggles highlighting useable items instead of having to be held down. You can run the .exe at any time and it will still take effect. Run it before you launch BG2, Alt+Tab out of BG2 and then run it, whatever you want. The .exe file may be flagged as a false positive by certain antivirus programs. This is because it's not digitally signed, and I'm a lazy person that didn't want to fiddle around with Microsoft's SignTool. Run the program through Malwarebytes to confirm it's clean, if you're worried. To close the program, right click on the green H icon in your taskbar and hit exit. Will this work with Tutu or BGT? -------------------------------------------- The executable will indeed work with Tutu; I've tested it myself. It should work with BGT as well, but I haven't tested that personally. Is there any danger to having the .exe running when BG2 isn't open? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ No. The executable will only work when BG2 is running and when it's the active window. I use a button other than Tab to highlight things. Can I adjust this file to work with my custom binding? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes. See the "What's the "ahk" folder for?" section below to find out how. What's the "ahk" folder for? --------------------------------------- This .exe was made using a program called AutoHotkey (http://www.autohotkey.com/). The ahk folder contains the raw code made in the AutoHotkey utility before it was converted to an executable file. If your highlight key is something other than Tab and you want to change the .exe to work with your custom binding, just open the .ahk file in notepad, replace "Tab" with the key of your choice, then download AutoHotkey and use the "Convert .ahk to .exe" component to make your own file. What if I open the .exe file again while it's already running? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nothing. The new instance of the .exe you just started will overwrite the old one, so there can only be one instance of the .exe open at one time. You don't have to worry about twenty of the same executable being open at once because you forgot to close them or anything. Have fun, and if you run into any problems, don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below. Happy gaming! - Ciro
  15. A fair point. To be clear, I'm not advocating for a "Sarevok rides off into the sunset and lives happily ever after" epilogue - ambiguity, done right, is something to be admired. However, like others have pointed out, the epilogue just plain doesn't make sense for certain characters. By the time you're done, Sarevok may indeed have turned over a new leaf - while he's still guilty of his past crimes, he's not "a man that [does] not know himself" as the epilogue puts it. Further still, not everyone may have killed Tamoko. Sure, you could read it as her taking her own life and that's a valid interpretation, but for it to work for everyone there would need to have been more of a follow-up about her before the ending. As it stands, her death is just mentioned in passing at the very, very end - it comes out of left field and is pretty jarring. Again, I'm not saying that the epilogue is badly written, nor should there be a pefect happy ending epilogue mod - just that it doesn't work for certain characters. So, if it hasn't yet been done, I may well take a stab at it myself. Could anyone tell me which files make up Sarevok's epilogue, and where the conditionals for the epilogues are stored?
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