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  1. I'll make time to take a look at this myself later.
  2. Thank you for the reports, everyone. I'm quite busy lately so it may take me a bit to get to them.
  3. First off: I posted this sometime ago on Reddit and the Beamdog forums, but realized I had yet to post it here. How to install mods: 1. Your Switch must be hacked, you must have BGEE on PC, and your Switch copy of BG must be on the latest update. 2. Download and install the homebrew NXDumpTool from here: https://github.com/DarkMatterCore/nxdumptool/releases 3. 3. Open NXDumpTool via the Homebrew Menu. Select "Dump SD card / eMMC content" and navigate to BG. Select "RomFS options". 4. On the following screen, scroll down to "Use update / DLC" and press RIGHT to s
  4. Fixed in v8.1! Thanks!
  5. Hey folks! I got permission from Kish to update the NPC Strongholds mod, and here's what I've come up with so far. I've drawn from all the reports in the bug thread, but I still need these fixes to be tested since I didn't have the saves handy to do so myself. Without further ado, here's what is - hopefully - added in this new version: Spawning issues with Atta, Madulf, and Delon have been resolved Reilyn (the ranger ghost) will no longer continue repeating "I will only speak to the ranger" under all circumstances Haer'Dalis will now reliably receive the bard stronghold if th
  6. This should fix some but not all of the ranger stronghold problems, and also incorporates fixes made by @Austin and @jastey, if anyone has the saves to test it. Remember: I need saves to fix the mod if you've got any laying around. It's quarantine time and we're all going crazy, baby, let's vacation in the Umar Hills, maybe check out some existential horror in the forest https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/531043595252137985/698680837733875782/NPCSTR.zip
  7. Excellent news! Kish responded to my PM and granted me permission to carry on with my bug fix update. Now, if all you folks who have encountered problems could upload save games at or around the point where they occurred, that would help greatly! Ah, that's a big help, thanks for letting me know! I'll be sure to incorporate these.
  8. Certainly, just let me know when you need me. Editing is actually my day job, and as I've said before, I'm a big fan of your mods already, so it's no trouble.
  9. Ah, after double-checking the readme, doing my own bugfix update wouldn't be possible because of Kish's usage rules: Without their permission, I could not go forward. If any admins or modding veterans would like to chime in on what the etiquette is for this kind of situation (Kish has not logged in to G3 since Nov 2019), I would appreciate it. I was able to update Turnabout in the same fashion without the permission of its creators, but they'd been gone for 14 years instead of a few months, so I want to make sure.
  10. The BWP patches shouldn't be necessary any more, now that Turnabout is based on Ascension 2.0. Could you please link the mods you're talking about?
  11. Please pardon the double post; I'm slowly working my way through this thread. @jastey we've corresponded briefly before, but I noticed you've posted several bug reports in this thread that also identify what the exact issue is. To the best of your knowledge, were these fixes ever actually implemented? Edit: Quoting previous post since this knocked the thread into a new page.
  12. It looks like most of your bases are covered, but if you still need a hand, I'd be willing to help out with Gray the Dog, Imoen 4 Ever, and SoD Tweaks.
  13. I just made this post in the bug thread, but here it is again if you want to gather the info in one place:
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