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  1. Let me see... This is a list of spells what I have in my Dropbox folder. Most have game ready files iirc. If something specific is need feel free to DM me. OT: I hope that absolute balance is not the goal of SR/IR. While it is good when particular outliers brought in line with other spell it can lead to a sterile system. Not everything should be equal and sometimes some spell dealing 3 damage instead of 2 is not that exciting as it seems. Revision family brings variety of choices without homogenization. Let if stay that way. My personal concern may look like reanimated dead horse. It would be great if there was clear documentation on ALL changes that SR makes. Or magic protections system explained in detail at least. Together with in game spell descriptions, hopefully.
  2. Yeah, I was really sad when Demi disappeared. While SR and IR in really good hands, KR fate not as glorious. Or maybe I'm just a little mad that many spell icons that Demi requested will not be implemented
  3. I believe you can right-click on spell icon to see the description in EE if memory serves me right.
  4. It's nice to see that Revisions are alive and kicking It looks like my yearly playthrough in january will be very fun and exciting!
  5. While Demi is absent... Summon Death Knight: More icons later.
  6. Actually I can make all variants. It will take more time but I see nothing wrong if you can download preferable variant and put it in the Override folder.
  7. Regeneration icons: V1: My personal choice is V1 and V3. V4 is draft at best, scratched attempt at 59 icon in states.bam as Demi suggested. I'll try to work out better design when I feel better after illness(I hate wet winters in Moscow) P.S. Happy me clicks "Post New Topic" button. Forum refuses with: Sorry, but you have posted more images than you are allowed to. WHY DO YOU HATE ME, WHYYYYYYY?! See next variants below!
  8. Feeling really stupid now... Thanks again!
  9. Thanks for clarification Mike. I see the image in preview, but when I try to post reply forum gives me this error : You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community. I'm using link like this https://www.dropbox.com/s/vkammv0mumeqegg/Regenerate_Serious_Wounds.bmp?raw=1. Anyway, it's just matter of personal convenience. As for states.bam - decision is up to you and Demi.
  10. Ah, understood. We have 69 icons already thanks to Pacek, so i'll make one like 59 and another "ankh" iteration.
  11. There was some technical difficulties expanding states.bam with new icons or I'm wrong? Just to be sure what I'm need to do: 1) Single bam/bmp 13x13 pixel 2) Modified states.bam with new icon replacing old one 3) Modified states.bam with additional icon in free slot.
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