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  1. Let me see... This is a list of spells what I have in my Dropbox folder. Most have game ready files iirc. If something specific is need feel free to DM me. OT: I hope that absolute balance is not the goal of SR/IR. While it is good when particular outliers brought in line with other spell it can lead to a sterile system. Not everything should be equal and sometimes some spell dealing 3 damage instead of 2 is not that exciting as it seems. Revision family brings variety of choices without homogenization. Let if stay that way. My personal concern may look like reanimated dead hors
  2. Yeah, I was really sad when Demi disappeared. While SR and IR in really good hands, KR fate not as glorious. Or maybe I'm just a little mad that many spell icons that Demi requested will not be implemented
  3. I believe you can right-click on spell icon to see the description in EE if memory serves me right.
  4. It's nice to see that Revisions are alive and kicking It looks like my yearly playthrough in january will be very fun and exciting!
  5. What variant were chosen in the end? I'll have free time (vacation, yeeaaahhhh! ) soon, so adding or modifying bams will be easy.
  6. This is great news! Btw, Mind Blank have incomplete description.
  7. I thought that BAM v1 files have limited palette with 256 colors minus 1-2 for transparency. Thanks for EET link, I certainly will customize default GUI.
  8. Yeah, 5 different GUI and we have 256 colors and 32x32 pixels to work with. Well, consistency with 1PP then. @Demi,I'll upload fixed icons in 2-3 days. I have thought about unified GUI across all EE engines, but that would be quite monumental project.
  9. Yes, Acid Sheath is also in this list. But I'm torn on this EE/Vanilla issues. After your post I looked again and realized that EE spell icons in fact look different than vanilla ones! See it for yourself: Left - EE, right - Vanilla. Tweaked Mestil Acid Sheath in comparison: Question is, should I pursuit original style or prefer EE variant? Maybe some middle ground, idk
  10. Actually, I'm thinking about another polishing/tuning pass for SR icons. Magic Fang, Animal Growth and a few others is on my "i'm not happy how it looks" list. Redo original BG2 interface art in highres for EE is planned as well. Regarding betas: there is a few balance issues (summoning spells, imho), but overall it was very pleasing and fun playthrough. I think the world is ready for awesomeness of SR + IR and KR combo in not very distant (I hope) feature.
  11. Played a bit today and didn't found any new bugs. Btw, Demi, do we need druid regeneration icons?
  12. Yeah, I removed "spell on condition" effect and summon works fine. EDIT. Apparently, the game don't like how spell effect constructed. If I change original "every round" condition to "every round when attacked" - crash is gone. However, I have little to none knowledge how this things work, so I'll leave this to smarter people than me
  13. Yep, I double checked that right now. Bats with two handed swords or any weapon work without issues. It's not the animation. Problem is somewhere else.
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