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Changing Direction



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Conceptually, Eirik's role will be changing as an NPC. Originally, an NPC-NPC romance was planned for this project; that is no longer the case. It was a daunting goal, for me personally. I have to change gears with what I have already finished (minor), however, it will simplify the mod overall. I was thinking a quest and possibly a friendship track and of course storytelling; though I'd like to hear, from those interested, what you would like to see.


Thanks for your past support. :)

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I think that you don't have to worry so much. Eirik will be a very good mod, even without a npc-romance or npc-npc romance in it. Being well voiced, balanced and well written (whatever dialogs he has) is more than enough, and if when some time goes by you have enough free time to develope him more, better, so I apply myself to what Berelinde says above: It will be a worthwhile project. Until you enable such option in the poll, I voted "Not at all" with a nickname: I just want him.

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There can be flirtation (as, perhaps, you already plan) or even conflict without having a full-blown NPC-NPC romance. The latter might get in the way with whatever the PC is doing anyway, though it may have been interesting.

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I would be happy with whatever you feel most comfortable doing, and as Magnus said, you can always go back and add new material later if you want :)


Besides, there's always room for more NPCs in my heart and on my compy :)

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There can be flirtation (as, perhaps, you already plan) or even conflict without having a full-blown NPC-NPC romance.

At this point, her role in this mod will be minor; like you said, maybe a flirt or two and discussion of the northern isles. His reason for travelling TSC will be different, as you'd expect; I can still work on the bhaal connection, maybe place him in Oman as a young lad during that period. The main point here was to inform and get some discussion going.



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I think it's actually better this way: between a mod that requires crossmod content/compatibility adjustments, and the one that doesn't require such, I'll choose the latter without hesitation. Voted for the first option.

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This all started with the proposed NPC-NPC romance. And while it seemed original and unique (I'm not sure if this has been attempted before), it also caused a certain myopia. I was tempted before to scrap the whole thing, but there's enough momentum now, I'm reticent to do so.


[Edit:]And I would be remiss, Kulyok, if I didn't thank you for your willingness to help with the crossmod effort.

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It's probably safe to say that your friends will support you in whatever you decide, whatever direction you take.


I'm echoing Gabrielle in this, but it's worth saying twice: do what you want. Whatever it is, it's going to be worthwhile.

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It's a lesson I learned the hard way. Trying to please everyone else and ending up burning yourself out and not getting your mod done.


But on the otherside of the coin, not hearing praise, motivation talk, etc, is just as bad. Like why I am wasting my time doing this if no one is interested? It's a doubled bladed sword.

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Absolutely. The lack of romance with an NPC doesn't make them uninteresting, be it with the player or with another NPC. Certainly keeping him as one of the Northmen will let you have some interesting banter angles with Branwen.


Keep going with Eirik and I think you'll still have an interesting NPC.

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