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Apparently, we don't have any evil romanceable females....


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IIRC, she is a bit too heavy on detailed sex scenes, says "Flirting not implemented" at you once RomanceActive reaches 2, and is extremely overpowered (both her and her quests), but no, she doesn't want to be redeemed.

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There's a couple or four in the works, as I understand it, but Viccy and Kiara seem to be it for released mods.


And yes, Kiara is only available to a good PC.


Edit 2: I think she's into forcing a good PC to act bad, not the other way around.

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I just have a vague memory that her hot and sweaty self was available to a good male only? It was sooo long ago....

Can't say without looking at the code, because it isn't mentioned in the readme (which does however mention a remote chance of redemption) - although the HTML one was last edited in 2004 and the chm one, which I can't read, in 2006. Even more signs of a shitty mod.


EDIT: Bere was too fast.

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Hey, there's Salomeya! ;)


There's Shar-Teel!


And, if you count short encounters, there's Ada, a dryad(though she's rather neutral than evil) and Phaere(okay, she's not a mod) and Bodhi and Sendai...

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Isn't Valen romanceable? I don't know...


(I am neutral on someone writing an evil one, but if you do write one, Domi, I will promise to finally take a true walk on the wild side, and play a neutral evil assassin attempting to become the New God of Murder... after I complete a game of IWD with your NPC mod ;) )

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No, Valen is not romanceable. Thorium Dragon was doing a lot of writing for it, but then he just dissappeared like so many others ;)


Anyway, you are too kind, but I am not touching BG2. Heh, it's way too difficult to do stuff for BG2. I think I am starting to work on something though that can be the most ironic mod for a BG2 player ever created in NWN2 as my 'test my potential' mod. It's gonna be Eeeevil!

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It's one of those things that I'd really like to see. A romanceable evil female NPC.


My excursion with Weathermistress Ada in Romantic Encounters is as much as I, personally, want to write about such a character. I fear any full-scale attempts would end in a boring, stereotypical villainess. Blech.

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