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Bug Reports for Alpha 21


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I really hope that this will be the version where Jaemal's and Rizdaer's flirts are finally performing as advertised. I still need to redo Peony's flirts though.


I fixed a bunch of grammar problems, plus Riz and Mal's updated flirts got edited. Thank you, Ycflute!


Also I added some new Salomeya and Salomeya-Peony content in Prologue for the male romance.


And of course, I tried to fix the bugs reported earlier.

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Hmm, Diriel's talk about the village triggers in my game when it should, ie immediately after talking to Kaetlin. I added a few more checks on it, and enforced thescript, so hopefully it will fix the issue reported for Alpha 20 when his talk triggered after dealing with the village. If anyone is playing with Diriel through the village, please, let me know if it still misfires.

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Also, forgot to ask in the first post, but if you are romancing Jaemal, could you let me know, if you are seeing a dialogue on the bridge in Chapter 6 after defeating the half-dragons delegation in th aerie? Thank you!

I updated to version 21 and now it worked as it should. ;)

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Ok, I updated, went back to an old save game, ctrl+y'd all the red circle guys on the way to Sherincal, talked to her, fought her, and this time Rizdaer made his remark about her after she was dead and we'd just stepped inside the temple. ^_^

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Polymorph does the same thing that Change Animation does - it changes the on-screen appearance, but not inventory appearance. So, it seems that Peony's halfling avatars will forever has the Dwarven appearance in the inventory. Elven ones won't if you started a new game with peony (or imported her freshly, since I build a separate set of elven cre and elfves have the female mage animation. So, yeah. I knew there was a reason I did not want to use halflings :)

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I've corrected the spelling of name Sherincal in all the scripts etc, so that should lead to triggering some interjections and talks (such as Nord's one) after Guthma is killed. Hopefully. :)

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Guest Guest

I had a few minor bugs, but it may have been something wrong with my game files.


-Valeero had no portrait at any level. I had to manually assign the Neverwinter Nights portrait. Not a major problem, and it something probably went wrong when I transferred the images into the Icewind Dale 2 database.


-During the Prologue, whenever I tried to talk to Diriel using the "P" button (If I wasn't an elf he just refused to talk, but this was with an elf character) He would say something about reporting his information at a later date, and the only response was "NO VALID LINKS OR RESPONSES". Selecting it would end the conversation, so it's probably supposed to be an "End Dialogue" selection, it just wasn't working for me.

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Heh, my PC decided to have a melt-down. It's fixed now though and I'm going to start this run (for real this time) later tonight. It's been hard to motivate myself to do it since I don't care for Salomeya at all, and Peony isn't my favorite character either, but I will get it done.

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Hey, no pressure :)


Did anyone else had problems with portraits assignment?


The problem with no replies or links in Prologue, I think is connected with me failing to account for global value equal 0. I am adding that condition to all the NPCs, hopefully that's what is causing the problem.


Another thing I need to investigate are the non-romantic epilogues for Salomeya and Peony. Please, those who have seen it, I want that last Autosave that takes you into the Epilogue.

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