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ajust movment rate

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Sorry for my bad english

I am new in this forum.


I think the movment rate of baldurs gate ii (and ice wind dale 2) is too fast. The characters have only few animation frames, so whith this high movment speed this problem become very perceptible. The movment rate of BG1 was very slower (I know, i was too slow) but I notice that the characters animations was much more fluent. There was not more frames, but the frames were together. If you played whith a monk in bg2 you must know about what i am talking.


I want to know if theres any tweak patch that makes possible to change (ajust) the movemente rate of all the characteres in the game. So, lets consider that all classes whith normal movement have a movment rate of 10 (I kown its not this), and a certain monster have a movment rate of 9. I install the tweak and say that the maximum movment rate I want is 8. So, both all the classes and the monster will have their movement rate reduced to 8. The barbarian and monk have greater movment speeds, and whith this change the bonus is applied on the new movment speed of 8. Any monster whith 8 speed or less will continue white the same movement speed. Another way would be apply percentages, but that woud be more dificult.


I doubt theres any tweak patch that do it, so I'm asking if someone could implement this option in a patch for the game. I know this is useless and nobody will use this in bg2, but this could be use to change the movment rate in BG tutu to make it more similar whith the movment speed of BG1. I dont remenber if the movment speed in tutu is the one of BG1 or BG2, but in any case the ideal rate is something between. I think i read something about a patch for bg tutu that do exactly this, but I want one for BG2, and one that I could ajust the speed.


Or atack the main problem that is the few animation frames. One solution for my obsession whith perfect animation could be a frame's interpolation, like they did in some hexen 2 and quake 1 engine mods, but BG is 2d and I dont think its possible to do it automaticaly, whitout draw each new desirable frame manually.



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Hum, thinking better, I now think that is a stupid thing decrease the movement rate to make the game look better. ;)

The problem is the follow: imagine your character is going from point A to B. Each walking animation cycle have 4 frames and have 0.5 duration. The character waste 2 seconds to go from the point A to B whith a movement speed of, lets say, 5. This movement will display 4 cycles of animation, that will look nice. But imagine that movement rate is now 10. The character will waste 1 second to go from point A to B and only two cycles of animation will be displaied. The animation now will look rough, because each frame will be far from the one before him.

If theres a way to duplicate the frames, like making a animation cycle have 8 frames instead of 4, by duplicating the frames, whith the same duration of 0.5, even whith a high movement rate, all the frames will be only a bit far from the position of the last frame. Its not necessary to crete new frames, only duplicate the existing ones.

Theres a way to do it? Or to do it wolud be necessary a modification of the engine? I think its possible because I saw mods that add animations for the game, so duplicating frames and ajusting the display time could be possible. Could someone do it? Becose I dont have the necessary skills ;);)



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thinkng better again, its not necessary to create new duplicated frames. Only make the engine display each frame of the walking cycle two or more times. Then one frame will not be static in his position, but it will move towards the position where the new frame will be displayed.

May be this wold require a major change in the graphics engine, something thats may be not possible. I heard that theres a project for remaking the infinity engine for Linux, so they can modify the display engine to show the graphics in a smother way.

I hope I not confuse you too much with my poor english. ;););)

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Manually editing the frames is not really viable as it's a ridiculous amount of work. (This is the same reason why there's never been a mod to import the wildly popular BG flaming sword animation into BG2.) As for tweaking the engine w.r.t. frame display rates it's simply not possible.

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It looks supercool on the screen- I'm hoping to release Xan_v5 with this separate component for all flaming swords for some time now(well, as soon as I see there're no RE_v1 components to write reactions for), and it's there; Nythrun and devsin were absolutely brilliant in helping... er, in coding it for me.

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Julianost, a quick reminder, the mod author/ess spent countless thousands of hours of work to do it - for just one set of animations! Taking on the task for the whole game would require significantly more work.


GemRB folks could probably use your ideas and inspiration, though; or within the IE standard modding folks, lost ofpeople could use your ideas and help with graphics improvement.


Not saying it can't be done (manually editing each frameset), just that the effort might be better spent haelping other modders get existing projects finished or improved, as there are a number of great ideas out there that could be implemented without requiring the services of several full time CGI artists ;)

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