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Compatibility questions


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First, congratulations on this release, Kulyok.


I'd like to ask if this Mod is fully compatible with BGT and if yes, how it compares with BG1 NPC Project, meaning if this Mod is consistent/seamless with the possible events taking place before.


Thanks! :cry:

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First, congratulations on this release, Kulyok.


And seven more cool authors!


(And a very dedicated team of playtesters and proofreaders, too, and Jason, and Cam, and... okay, I'll shut up here).



Okay, now to your question: the mod should be compatible with BGT, yes. Except for Edwin and Bjornin(correct me, if I am not mistaken), all characters are BG2 characters, so there're no overlaps.


EDIT: Okay, now that I've read the readme, there's Eldoth and Noober, too. Both use new prefixed files, both should be consistent with how they're interpreted in BG1 game. Hendryk may disagree; in fact, I sort of wish he did - I miss him on G3 forums. :cry:


Oh, and Viconia. But Viconia's reactions only fire up if BG2 events have been taking place, so.


jastey's Bjornin encounter is written to be - and hopefully is - logically consistent with Bjornin from BG1 - it uses a new .cre and .d file, though, so technically it's all perfectly compatible.


My Edwin encounter might trigger in BG1 and in BG2 both, I suppose. If it does, I'm not worried - it'll just glide through. I like it, but ultimately it is for the players to judge. Again, technically compatible. Should be.


Play RE on BGT, by the way - we'd like some feedback. ;)

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Thanks for your answers, Kulyok.


I am going to play RE on BGT and that's why I asked about compatibility... :cry:


It might take some time though as I am - as usual - waiting for other Mods to be updated but I am very intrigued by this Mod of yours (and other co-authors') as it goes and fills a gap in BG2 that I'd probably feel bad about after playing with BG1 NPC Project.


Keep it up! ;)

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Guest jastey*

Bjornin in BGII should look the same as in BG1. Let me know if he doesn't, if anyone plays his encounter (playing with a female PC.)


Would there be any interest in giving Bjornin the portrait I assigned to the BGII encounter for the BG1 part of BGT?

Or, on the contrary, would someone like to have the portrait optional? (I think it's cool, but I don't know how portraits are handled in BGT; I don't want it to stick out as mod content, or -worse!- spoil anyone's imagination.)



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I did test the mod on a BGT installation, and it works just fine, although I was using an SoA save, so I don't know whether it will fire in BG1 or not. In a way, it would be cool as it did, because it might offer a warm-up for players who intend to go on to play the Edwin romance.


As far as I'm concerned, Bjornin is a perfectly logical and consistent extension of his presence in BG1.

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BG1 NPC compatible from a coding standpoint; generally widely compatible from a roleplaying standpoint. BG1 NPC does not fire on BG2 content, and this is a BG2 mod; please do not install RE on Tutu as it is designed to integrate into BG2 content. But please confirm this from a full playtest. We have playtested it, but the world of BP moding is a large one, and we would appreciate knowing you played it, anyways :cry:

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