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Natural weapons of Spirit Animals are non-magical yet enchanted


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I wanted to try out the Totemic Druid kit for the first time while testing RR v3.8 and I've stumbled upon this strange issue. Apparently, the natural weapons (i.e. claws) of all Spirit Animals which the Totemic Druid can summon are not flagged as magical, so they can't hit opponents who are immune to normal weapons. However, inspecting the "weapons" via DLTCEP reveals that all of them have an enchantment level of +5 or +6. While this is awkward, it may not necessarily a bug, but I thought I'd report it just in case. FYI, the items in question are: BEARSPIR.ITM, LIONSPIR.ITM, SNAKSPIR.ITM and WOLFSPIR.ITM.


BTW, the natural weapons of most other regularly summonable animals (i.e. Brown Bears, Cave Bears or Winter Wolves) are flagged as magical and have an enchantment level of up to +3.

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Umm, the enchantment level for each of these "items" is +6 while the magical flag is not set. One of these should be rectified. IMO, doing that would be fairly similar to this fix:


Enchantment Level Errors


Every weapon in BG2 has an 'enchantment' level. The enchantment is generally straightforward: an axe +1 has one enchantment, axe +3 is three, etc. The enchantment level is what determines which weapons can bypass spells such as mantle or hit creatures that need +x weapons to hit. The enchantment level is incorrect in several cases. One very notable case is that the attack item of many demons was flagged as just one enchantment instead of four.

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One very notable case is that the attack item of many demons was flagged as just one enchantment instead of four.

This was also a very clear cut example. The item in question is p3-12m4.itm which, by Bio's naming convention, translates as a +4 magical weapon that does 3-12 piercing damage.


And yeah, sorry, didn't fully read your post--it's a bug, but we've got nothing to go on except what Bio's done for similar creatures. My vote's for magical flag, 2 enchantment. Thoughts, suggestions, diatribes?

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I may be on crack, but I could have sworn that ?someone? had a mod component for this that made all the spirit anmials items say +2 so they would have a chance of being semi-useful. Maybe a Weimer thing?


I vaguely considered coding up a little mod so that creatures/things like this would get a little more powerful every couple of level ups so they could remain useful throughout the game. Kind of boring that there is a bestest of the bestest summon, so all the other summoning spells/abilities/items of similar level are effectively either much weaker than the bestest or mostly redundant.


Then I saw a bunny.


And oh yeah, Totemic Cernd would love to see all those items to be conisder +5 or +6 magical weapons. Except I saw a post the other day stating that the head of summoning in ToB pocket plane mentions that Cernd is a shapeshifter. Way to mess up my ReadMe devs.

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Well, if you can summon a basic non-magical animal and have its paws count as +3 magical weapons (Wow, I need to actually use those animal summoning spells), then you'd think a spirit animal's paws would count as having at least as much enchantment as its normal counterpart. Would this be a good guide to go for, perhaps?

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I thought Sim did it? I stole it from somebody, and I've had it in for years, so it's not new or anything.


Yeah, I originally had Sim down as the culprit but I zipped over and looked at his mod ReadMes before posting and didn't see a reference to it (not to say that I didn't miss it in my quick recon).


I don't know what kind of lore there is about spirit animals, but I figure that spirit animals should at least qualify as having magic claws/bites. As for +5 or +6, well that is bit over the top, unless there is some kind of progression to get there.


Seems like tweak stuff to me since it is not clear as to what was intended. Maybe a Gaider question if he is still answering.

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This is a dupefest from plybass.itm (which is a TotSC-style ranged weapon with concurrently irrelevant enchantment level) - note that they all spuriously use gaze.pro in a melee header and the equipped appearance of helmet.


Since the devs did trouble themselves to update the enchantment level from six to five for all but the lion, I think that's what I'll be using - totem naguals need to be able to chaw on Amelyssan. Or something.

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Level one thief's bear trap, meet Grod.

Grod: "Ouch!"


It's not unheard of. Zero would suck (a lot) but there's plenty of support for it in the files - I just can't see ignoring two updated fields for a number drawn only by analogy.


As you wish, though.

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I'm not sure how changing the enchantment level in the copy process from six to five earns a two, especially when the to-hit bonus was adjusted from 32767 to zero - no enchantment and plus five are both pretty plausible, but two?

I did not realize the THAC0 was also being adjusted. I'm more inclined to go with unenchanted at this point, as it's now got two votes (removal of magical flag, reduction of THAC0 bonus to zero) against the one for enchanted (enchantment level adjusted, but still non-zero).


I hate crap like this. Especially since whatever is decided will be wrong. :/

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