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BG2Tweaks almost-invincible Bearweres (Werebears?)


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For those who've used the Shapeshifter Rebalancing tweak in BG2Tweaks (originally a Weimer mod), do you think the Bearwears summoned by the tweaked 6th level druid spell "Conjure Animals" are almost impossible to kill?


They regenerate fast enough and have enough HP that no enemy in vanilla BG2 seems to damage them past "Barely Injured". The only time I've seen them killed is by level-draining.


Basically, any enemy that doesn't level drain or cast death spell can be defeated by summoning 2 bears and sitting back.


Not criticizing the mod or anything, I mean I can always uninstall it. Just wondering if others have had similiar thoughts?

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Please please please remove this component from BG2Tweaks... ;)

I agree. Even if some people might say : "if you don't like it, don't install it", this component is the only one which is so overpowered compared to the others... and nothing in the name of this component warns the player of this fact.

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Not that I'm disagreeing that the component is very unbalanced, but do people not read the readme when installing components of the tweakpack? This mod is the one where I always take extra care to go through the readme and make sure I get exactly what I want.

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It's a legacy component from EoU, and won't be going away or changed (save bugfixes). Keep in mind that Wes balanced his components assuming folks would be playing Tactics and Ascension-WeiDU, so it's wildly overpowered for most games.


I don't mind adding a warning to this effect though.

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