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I worship those that are making this mod. I can't believe someone hasn't already made this mod. You see, back...5ish years ago, I played TotSC and I was really upset Delainy wouldn't come with me. This mod fills a hole...I was never statisfied with the way things turned out and I'm really looking forward to this mod. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this mod...seriously. I mean, wow...this will complete the Baldur's Gate series for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Thanks for the kind words Raltar. And one thing I can guarantee is that Del is nearing completion.


Don't ask for a specific date, of course ;-)


However, this is just my own interpretation of her, and for much the same reason you espoused. The one part of Tales of the Sword Coast, and it left a bittersweet taste in my mouth.


You may wish to look at some of the public lovetalks, and the other screenshots to make sure it is something you may want to download though.

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I've been poking around and I do like what I see...I just don't want to get too spoiled before I actually play through it.  Keep up the good work because I can't wait to play.

Fair enough ;) However, I can guarantee that there is a great amount that wasn't shown.

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I realize this. Still, I think I've seen enough to know that I will enjoy playing it. I'm glad a team has taken the time and effort to make this and I will be eagerly awaiting it's completion. Honestly, when I saw the advertisment for this mod, I squealed like a school girl because I was so happy. *laffs*

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I can't believe someone hasn't already made this mod.  You see, back...5ish years ago, I played TotSC and I was really upset Delainy wouldn't come with me.  This mod fills a hole...

I always considered Delainy to be the first romance in the BG series. Heck, there were a lot of NPCs that would have made great romances. That's where modders come in. I might add that, in general, fan modders produce better romances than Bio did. It would be easy to say that they are building upon Bio's work but that only goes so far. If you take a look at NWN and HotU then you'll see that BioWare went backwards, if anything.


Three cheers for Bri and CD for the hard work they're doing! cheers.gif


...and judging from the handful of preview LTs Bri has posted, Del is *ahem* ...exotic, to say the least.



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It is true that Bioware has left both big and and small holes in all the games of the BG series. It is inevitable: they can't fine tune their games forever - actually I was a little surprised how bug free all the BGs have been, compared to many other massive CRPGs. *cough*Fallout2*cough*


It is also true that without all these mods BG wouldn't be nearly as popular as it is nowadays, years after the original release. Heck, I'm like Alice in Wonderland, stumbling across new interesting mods every day! ;)


I was really disappointed in TotSC when they wouldn't let Delainy join my party. She was a very interesting character - and a werewolf, too! I've always been quite fascinated with werewolves, too bad the Shapechanger class in BG2 was a load of rubbish, in fact I never played very far with a Shapechanger. However, it seems that there is a mod available that fixes this little problem, so...let's just say that I hope Delainy has some special dialogue in store for a Shapechanger PC! :D


Now if only I had more time to actually *play* BG - if you want to concentrate on playing 24/7, then a) Don't get married, b) Don't have any children. Seriously. ;)

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David Gaider (of Bioware) once said they had no idea the romances would be as popular as they became, or they would have done a better job with them. Apparently Delainy/Durlyle was a springboard for the idea, which was, to Bioware, an experiment; they obviously weren't sure how the public would react. So it's no surprise if a modder writes a better romance, since they have the benefit of hindsight. It's also unfortunate that Bioware fell under time limitations and had to cut things like the Valygar romance for ToB, a continuation of an idea (romances) that, by this time, they knew to be popular.


All I can say about NWN is that a new game engine likely required so much time and resources that extra features like romances would be sacrificed. After all, with BG2 Bioware already had a working game engine, so they had time to add such features.


Since romance mods are made possible by Bioware's Infinity engine for BG2 (all mods require baldur.exe at the very least), modders will always be building upon what Bioware did; I don't care how many changes they make to the game.


I considered writing a Delainy mod a few years ago, but several factors prevented me from following through. (Add full time job and busy social life to the list, Pekka. Those things will kill time just as easily, even for the single folk.)

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Actually, I felt the HotU romances sucked...mainly due to the fact that I hate drow and if I wanted a romance, I was forced to be with a drow. Plus, they weren't really all that well written...but the overall game made up for something that was really an after thought in my opinion.

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Well, the reason more quests, romances, etc. are popular with people is that they like the idea of role-playing, and not just hack'n'slash. Not that you can't do that, for there are plenty of modules out there. But others look for other things in a game.


And Neverwinter Nights isn't bad, but I will be honest, from what I've seen and such, it was more designed to allow other people to make their own RPG's and hence had portability (whether new textures, etc.) more in mind than anything else.


As a result, other aspects weren't developed with the game engine in mind. Such as having such a small party (the Main Character and one NPC I believe).


I always felt it was a shame that IE games weren't easier to get new material in. Not impossible by any means, but definitely not easy.


Three cheers for Bri and CD for the hard work they're doing!


*raises fist in celebration with Camdawg*


It's also unfortunate that Bioware fell under time limitations and had to cut things like the Valygar romance for ToB, a continuation of an idea (romances) that, by this time, they knew to be popular.


Other factors weigh in as well. June makes the 9th month of writing for Del. Now, I might have been able to shave 4 months of that off...if real life didn't interfere as well. You know school, home, etc...as well as momentary lapses of burnout.

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I agree that NWN was designed as a client/server game that attempted to emulate a pnp session. Single player was second...distant second. Anybody remember the big debate about having a pause feature?


I didn't care much for the NWN official campaign. I did enjoy HotU but the romances were lacking. If you want good romances *and* a quality storyline in NWN then I'd suggest checking out the Shadowlords/Dreamcatcher mod. It's some good stuf and is better than anything Bio produced for NWN.


I think we've gotta look toward Dragon Age for the 'next big thing' from BioWare. It's being billed as having the quality single-player of the BG series with the mod-friendly customization of NWN.



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Had a great weekend on vacation and return to a thread chock full o' love for the mod. Thanks all!

Hope you had a good vacation, CD. Again, thanks for the hard work you've done for this mod. I'm looking forward to playing it.



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