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Fanart Thread

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And I decided to pin it, 'casue it would be a pity to lose it among the backlog of pages!


Oh, wow, thank you!


I haven't had much time to play recently due to starting a new job at a summer camp, but more fanart'll probably be coming soon.

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Guest Tempest

Amusing as that would be, she has bright blue hair in IWD2, so I gave her WoW version bright blue hair and a matching outfit. :) I was actually very pleased with the results of Peony. For Diriel, I was a little unhappy with the outfit, but thought the blood elf model suited him perfectly.

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Just a sidenote about the whole blood elves with green eyes and so on, and a warning this may sound nerdy of me :)


According to available information non-blood elves that remain as High Elves have blue eyes instead of the green of their demonically charged brethern.

Night elves (similar to Drow only they've got red eyes) have white misty like eyes.


From what I can tell, the green eyes is a side effect of an addiction to highly chaotic demon magics (the fire stuff), this is probably due to the fact the other part of their former society used water based magics and the like.


Can't really put it in better words than that I'm afraid. :)


Anyways, hope that helps out with consistency factor, Tempest. :)

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Guest Tempest

The WoW Model Viewer, which is what I use for everything in that thread, doesn't allow much customization of the face, aside from facial hair. All female gnomes have blue/white eyes, for instance. What I actually focus on with it is getting the hair right-I've found it the single biggest factor in identifying a character aside from the armor.


And fair warning-Sir Nord, Hildury, Jaemal, and Salomeya may join Diriel and Peony in that thread at some point. The program doesn't do approximations of drow very well (see the Viconia attempt), so Rizdaer's out, Prachi was impossible to find appropriate armor/clothing for, every attempt at Nikosh just felt flat-out wrong, and Valeero was just kinda boring.

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Guest Tempest

The thing on Jaemal's head is actually a halo-Xan took the good purple mage set, so I made do with a priest set for Jaemal, and decided to toss the halo in for kicks. I liked the relatively plain, somewhat worn-looking armor Sir Nord has, which fit him perfectly, I feel. Hildury gave me some probelms, but Salomeya was pretty much a no-brainer. If only there was a red version of the robes she's wearing, it would have been perfect. And that's a throwing knife in her hand.

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