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Well, just today I thought "Well, it's time to install IWD 2 and try the NPC project..." Huh, it was pretty unpleasant surprise when I couldn't find them and after 5 minutes of desperate searching for the game I finally realized I've borrowed it to my cousin :) So no playing for some time :)


But when I can't play some mod, I at least read the dialog files. And in one I found scene with Diriel which reminded me very strongly of one ilustration of one of my mom's romance books. It's called Maiden of Inverness, written by Arnette Lamb.


I tried to draw the pose by hand - and after 3rd attempt I've just gave up and tried to draw in in PhotoFiltre. It's still absolutely awfull quick sketch (well, quick, I've spent last hour while doing it) - but as soon as I manage to draw it with my pencils, I'l upload (hopefully) better version.




EDIT: Several moments after sending it and immidiately I've found several mistakes I've made on it :) That's what happen when you are on local non-stop Sigil meeting and when you finally return home, you won't go to bed and instead of sleeping you are working on school projects. Being more than 24 hours without sleep is really evil :)

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Heh, looks like Direl is up to no natural good again it seems. :(


Looks nice, Neferit... and I'll voucher a third for the lack of sleep being a killer. I honestly don't even remember what I was working on, and I think I didn't get a good score for the project... and this is like after almost 14 hours of hellish travel and such.


hm, Rizdaer... going through his romance has been, interesting and inspirational, and hell, he taught me a thing or two; so credits are deserved there to his author. ;)


Might be back later with a fanart for a scene between Rizdaer and the PC that stands out in my mind... if I have enough energy and time to devot to it that is...


Nice work again Neferit. :p


Edit: What's with typos, honestly!?

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Nah, Mal is tall, Riz is short. :(

The funny thing about me is that my imagination runs wild when I play such games. If I play and elf I imagine all "my men" slightly taller than me (only exeptions are the times it is stated in the dialog that Enter_name_here is a lot taller/shorter) no matter their race. If I am human or such, all elves I get involved with are quite tall for their kind, so to speak ;)


So Riz is at least my hight and 'Mal slightly taller by my book.

But yeah, I know I tend to be strange. :p



Heh, I once started drawing a picture to compare the sizes of the skull of an elven female and a male human, after having seen how tiny my female elf looks standing beside her human beau (oh, he's going to kill me for calling him a "beau" : :D )...it ended up as this (well, actually it ended up as this in the first version, but I found myself unable to properly finish the human part)...the reason being that if she runs around with him all the time, even though she's quite hyperactive, she'll be tired at the end of the day, because she's the only elf in the group, and even the human females are taller than her. This is of course based on how the scales are handled in Neverwinter Nights 1.


I always imagine Rizdaer to be about as tall as my elven female PC.



In any case, I think I will try my hand at some fanart too. Let's see what I can make, and hope that my crazy muse will inspire me.


EDIT: Oh, and I liked your picture too, Neferit. Very nice. :D



- :) :) :D:p :p :D :D

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Wait a minute Jaz, that looks a lot like Robert Black.. But there's no cigar, so it can't be...


Heh heh. Awesome!


I can't believe how wicked some of this fanart is. Nice work, everyone!



Heh, glad you like it. :p It is indeed Robert Black. And yeah, the cigar is missing, but he doesn't really have a hand free to hold it. Let's say he's run out because Shariveillin smoked them all (not really, since she's doesn't really smoke...except maybe ocassionally taking a pull when Robert is smoking, but that's all. But yeah, he's run out of cigars.). :p Oh, and the other picture is at another point in the relationship...if you could call it that back then, what with them having even talked directly even once. Can you guess which scene it is? :D



- :(;):p:D:) :) :D

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This image has been in my head for a while, and of course, the image in your mind never looks like the one that comes out on paper, especially when you rush it :) but oh well. Inspired by the talk where you can watch Rizdaer sleeping. I know he's supposed to be all bleach and dyed, but he looks so much better natural.



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First of, thanks to Domi for such a lovely mod :help: I'm only halfway through but the characters had really grown on me X3..I'm currently doing a series of sketchy depictions of my current northen companions party - in the premise that my PC carries a little sketchbook with her during her adventures and draws her friends during their little breaks in camp or in the common rooms ^^


This one is of Sir Nord and Valeero, set in a campfire after a battle. There was a talk between Sir Nord and Valeero that ends up with something like 'you're a healer, so patch me up already' from Sir nord's end, which turns up a bit differently in my mind I guess, like from then on it becomes sort of their private joke :3 Both are my personal favourite from the entire mod ; Sir Nord being...sir Nord, and Valeero reminding me somewhat of Jaheira (whom I really love ^^) in a more pragmatic, calm sort of way. Somehow I think they just work really well together :)



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