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czech translation


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This is added for v6. I do need one more string for the new version:


@1000 = ~Adjust Spellbooks for All Divine Casters in Game~

@1000 = ~Prizpusob knihy kouzel pro vsechny knezske sesilace ve hre~


Btw it's something like @6 I guess... :)

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Thanks for the PM, Jab - I have not been following everything on the site (limited time rioght now).


I see CamDawg's "ok" for the new kit, and I have the links for the files; downloading them now. Before we start updating, I will get hold of CamDawg and ask for permission to update. That means if there are some code gurus and folks who want to look over the package for reported bugs and needed code updates, now is the time, because it could be updated within a week or two.

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I really don't know, what more can I do. So I'm just giving up. Though I'm sorry for other people, who made the effort. :-/

Hi everyone. If you're looking to blame someone for the delay, look no further. I prepared a version with the new kit and updated translations, but planned on seeing if I could add some extra compatibility features before releasing the new version. This turned out to be a Bad Idea, so I'll try to have something available for you as soon as possible.

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