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Linux versions of some G3 mods

the bigg

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Here: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?s...st&p=104042


List of G3 mods:

# amber-linux-v2.4.zip of size 59.422 MB


# aurenaseph-linux-v4.zip of size 9.368 MB


# g3anniversary-linux-v3.zip of size 810.97 KB



They might need an update, but otherwise they're good to be uploaded, if you so wish.

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It usually boils down to:

- take the Mac version.

- Lowercase all file names in the filesystem.

- Edit .sh files: point at system executables rather than ones shipped; lowercase the file; move from sox to oggdec.

- Remove all executables in the package (save snd2acm.exe, if needed).

More stuff here: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=7573.

Or, just download Amber and compare the Linux version with both Mac and Windows versions, since it contains all tasks that require thought, namely oggdec, tisunpack and snd2acm.

The readme blurb is likely missing - it's available from the tb#tweaks readme over at SHS.

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Rather than have three different versions of your mod out there for various OSes (on top of whatever different mod platform versions such as BGT/BG2 etc. if you don't bother to combine those in one mod), is it possible to have WeiDU (or another utility) detect the user's platform and install the relevant resources from an archive (which a lot of folks prefer to self-extracting executables anyway)? This assumes the mod author can follow platform-independent conventions in the first place - most differences seem to be fairly minor.

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Miloch: lumping multiple platforms together results in "What setup-mymod do I double click???!?!?!?!?111" threads (obviously, Windows being the POS it is, hiding filename extensions makes it harder on newbies). Plus, it'll be a 500Kb compressed / 3Mb on disk space increase per mod. Otherwise, if you could just double click setup-mymod.exe and it'd magically launch the correct executable,this'd be a viable idea.

Note: as usual, this feat would be possible, if Windows had an Unix subsystem (or at least enough Bash to shoot yourself in the foot hang yourself to a tree write meaningful scriipts).


CM: I fear I don't have Linux-BG1NPC on hand; however, after lowercasing, you just need to tweak the .sh files and ship the mod without any setup-xxx.exe, oggdec, sox, or tisunpack executable - and copy/paste the readme blurb from tb#tweaks.


If you can put here your Mac .sh files, I can tweak them to be compatible with both Mac and Linux (I.E. without shipping separate audio-install-linux.sh and audio-install-mac.sh as Amber-style requires you to do). You obviously need separate .bat for Windows, but of course <insert Windows rant> :(

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Otherwise, if you could just double click setup-mymod.exe and it'd magically launch the correct executable,this'd be a viable idea.
This is kind of what I was getting at. If it's possible and there's some sort of platform detection command in WeiDU (I thought there was?) it would avoid having a mod 3x the size it needs to be, or 3 separate mods (perhaps just a pipe dream though).
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Cool - I will take a look and see what I can do this weekend/early next week. I can download the Mac version, and try this out, getting it as far as I can, then I will toss up a package (if you would be willing to check it for bonehead errors like me not checking for windows newline, etc. before I send it on to CamDawg, that would be awesome. But it will be a couple of days. Thinking about it, I want to try it myself, following back through the threads again; I just don't want to end up putting out stuff for distro that hasn't had a real Linux user say "yep, it works!" :( )

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Different compression algorithm. I used zip files while you use sfx-rar ones. I repackaged the Linux archive as RAR (best compression, solid archive) and it went down to 29 Mb.


On the other hand, RAR isn't well seen by all Linux users - while they can {de,}compress RAR files, some resent having to deal with a closed source solution. Why they accept dealing with a closed source game (or non-freedom-free mod) but not with a closed source compressing algorithm is beyond my comprehension. (same goes for modders who don't want people to edit their work, but that's another rant.)

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May I suggest 7zip (p7zip-full package on debian/ubuntu)? Cross-platform, open source, and commonly used for big mods in other games. (Kotor, Silent Hunter III, Morrowind)


.zip just looks ancient :)


I'm not fussed though. As long as I can extract it somewhat easily...


(and btw, in the zip you sent, don't you have the english ogg files twice? I tried to repackage here and the rar was actually bigger than the original zip :) )

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Anyhow, repackaged and install-tested version here, in your choice of formats: (bigg forgot to actually plug his decompress-wav2acm-etcetc shell scripts into the tp2. did that. and massacred the duplicate set of english oggs that mysteriously had crept in.)



amber-linux-v2.4.7z (32500146 bytes)


... a run test will have to wait for the weekend, I'm afraid. But it installs, decompresses, etc. with no tweaking on my sacrificial install.

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