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Countdown to v5


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Some of you may have noticed a lot of activity lately and (surprise, surprise) I'm ramping up to v5. Here's my changelog to date for v5:

  • Recoded several dialogue fixes to be nicer with other mods. Specifically, the Slave Leader in Ust Natha 'No Valid Links' Dialogue Fix and Captain Arat Gives Infinite Fire Arrows should resolve current issues
  • Fixed two bugs with Elven War Sages Sporadically Helping Party with Vampirism Cure in BETA Core Fixes
  • Changed the handling of Telwyn in the Pickpocket Exploits fix
  • Removed deva and planetar changes from the Creature Gender Fixes as this was effectively removing the celestial summoning cap
  • Dropped the Offhand Weapons Could Provide Unintended Bonuses to Main Hand Weapon and Vice-Versa fix as it was not working as intended. This remains an outstanding issue for now
  • New research showed that an opcode that provided damage bonuses against certain creature types was not fully working; this affects the Mace of Disruption, Daystar, and the Dragonslayer +2. The Improved Mace of Disruption Fixes was renamed to Maces of Disruption Fixes and expanded to address these new bugs found in the engine. New fixes for Daystar and Dragonslayer are introduced in the BETA Core Fixes
  • Cleaned up code in Casting Spells from Scroll Fixes (though this was not affecting anything)
  • Fixed bug with Immunities Don't Suppress All Effects where it was still allowing portrait icons to be placed on Imoen while wearing her uber-belt in the opening dungeon
  • Fixed unintended consequence of Immunities Don't Suppress All Effects, specifically with respect to poison. By making items and creatures fully immune to poison, we also made them immune to disease (which does poison damage). Only a handful of items were actually meant to convey immunity to both poison and disease, so the items affected by the patch have been scaled back. Also made sure that poison display strings were also suppressed.
  • Fixed another unintended consequence of Immunities Don't Suppress All Effects, specifically with respect to web. This was making the Watcher's Keep statues immune to the effect that kept them frozen so, while they were inactive, they would still animate and sway in place
  • Expanded Optional But Cool: Improved Spell Animations to include a nifty change for Burning Hands from Nythrun; the spell now is area of effect per its description instead of only affecting one target
  • Fixed bug with Optional But Cool: Giants Receive Penalties When Attacking Halflings, Dwarves, and Gnomes where it was screwing up item indexes, causing issues for OS X players
  • Several Errors With Familiars was essentially rebuilt from the ground up
  • Rolled back a few BG creature patches in Creatures With Items Not Equipped as they were, at best, spurious and, at worst, interfering with BGT games
  • Expansion of the Dispel/Remove Magic Generating Spurious Magic Resistance Message review turned up similar errors in the existing Staff of the Magi Errors and Carsomyr Issues fixes
  • Further tightened Simulacrum Restoration Exploit
  • Friends Fixes was partially rolled back and Comet Duration Fixes was fully rolled back as the engine has problems with sometimes applying spell effects with staggered probabilities
  • Touched up some Immunities Don't Suppress All Effects patches, specifically Free Action, to remove more leftover stun protection opcodes
  • Expanded Optional But Cool: Additional Script Fixes to assign additional scripts to commoners so they would go hostile and run away if attacked by the party
  • Optional But Cool: Change Free Action to Protect Against Stun expanded to protect against additional complementary stun effects
  • Renamed Chosen of Cyric Weapon Not Displaying Portrait Icon or String fix to Weapon of Cyric's Favored Not Displaying Portrait Icon or String, as they're really named Favored and not Chosen
  • Reworked Otiluke's Resilient Sphere Fixes, as it was still far from complete
  • Reworked Option to Charm Glaicas Instead of Fight Fix and Troll Fixes to remove incompatibilities with Unfinished Business
  • Added Spotty Golem Immunities fix directly into Core Fixes, as it's essentially an adaptation of existing (and working code)
  • Halberd Flagged as Stolen was not accounting for the item change from More Than One Copy of Unique Items Can Be Obtained and was thus failing
  • Miscellaneous changes and fixes to the Game Text Update
  • The following fixes were expanded/updated to fix more bugs:
    • Strings
    • Draining Spells Healing Caster Even if Target Magic-Resistant
    • Guards Summoned Well After Containers Are Burgled
    • Creature Racial Fixes
    • Creature Sex Fixes
    • Creature Gender Fixes
    • Dispel/Remove Magic Generating Spurious Magic Resistance Message
    • Lavok Dies Too Quickly if Moved Outside
    • Enchantment Level Errors
    • Items Not Being Flagged as Magical
    • Looping Music Fixes
    • Anomen Banter Fixes

    [*]The following fixes were added to BETA Core Fixes:

    • Anomen's Quests Break for Non-Romanceable Female PCs
    • Errors in Altercation Between Firkraag's Leiutenants
    • Uder Mordin Could Assign Completed Imprisoned Mage (Vithal) Quest in Underdark
    • Yoshimo Would Insist on Meeting Renal, Even if Already Contacted
    • Imoen-Anomen ToB Banter Would End Prematurely
    • Celestial Weapons Lose Glowing Effects When Attacking
    • Archers and Elementals Move Across Areas to Attack Party
    • Drizzt Not Being Recognized by Chapter 6 Bodhi Allies
    • You Can't Hope to Stop Habib, You Can Only Hope to Contain Him
    • Yet More Troll Errors
    • Incapacitated Solaufein Breaks Ust Natha Quests
    • Lilarcor's Glowing Pool Is A Man, Baby
    • Black Blade of Disaster Has Incorrect Duration and Effects in SoA
    • Transformation Spells Not Cleaning Up Spells
    • Mordenkainen's Swords Not Suppressing 'Intelligence Drained' Strings
    • Daystar Damage Incorrect Against Evil Undead Opponents
    • Dragonslayer Damage Incorrect Against Dragons
    • Simulacrums and Projected Images Can Use Pocket Plane and Slayer Change Abilities
    • Dragon Silence Potentially Failing
    • Chaotic Commands Not Fully Protecting Against Maze
    • Spook's 'Panic' Message Was Bypassing Magic Resistance
    • Luck Fixes
    • Melf's Acid Arrow Fixes
    • Incorrect Duration for Invisibility 10' Radius
    • Blindness Not Always Causing 'Blinded' String or Portrait Icon
    • Multiple Keys and Ropes Available in the City of Caverns
    • ToB Worldmap Fixes
    • Errors While Leaving Brynnlaw with Saemon Havarian
    • Deirex Could Be Slain During Cutscene
    • Summoned Nabassu, Pit Fiends, and Glabrezu Targeting
    • Incorrect Sleeping and Invisible Tags
    • Errors With Summoned Creatures
    • Il-Khan Soldier Name Fixes
    • Saradush Soundset Fixes
    • Ranged Weapons Lacked Non-Proficiency Penalties
    • Two Clubs Use Thrusting Animations
    • Stunning Weapons Using Wrong Portrait Icons
    • Book of Infinite Spells Has Finite Errors
    • Rod of Lordly Might Transformation Problems
    • Protection Scrolls Have Incorrect Range
    • Wand of Cursing Not Causing Deafness
    • Regeneration Spell Using Wrong Animation
    • Protection From Normal Missiles Targeting Sound Effects Incorrectly
    • Horror Duration Incorrect
    • Hold Monster Bugs
    • Wonky String for Protection From Normal Weapons
    • Strings (BETA Version)
    • Script Errors for Fight Between Fallen Paladins and Smugglers
    • Remove Paralysis Not Removing Icons
    • Great Druid Challenge Checking Wrong Level for Multi- and Dual-Class Druids
    • Lucette Should Always Kill Xzar
    • Aerie and Viconia Romances Can be Falsely Flagged as Active
    • Immunities Don't Suppress All Effects (BETA Version)

    [*]The following fixes were moved from the BETA Core Fixes to the Core Fixes:

    • Spell Shield Uses Wrong Portrait Icon, Duration Incorrect
    • Borok's Fist Hammer Not Using Unique Icon
    • Blades Not Receiving Their One-Half Pickpocket Penalty
    • NPC Talks Prior to Resting Prevent Actual Resting
    • Missing Anomen Interjection in Bodhi's Abduction
    • Viconia Could Repeat Banter
    • Bad Viconia Interjection Ends Aerie Lovetalk Prematurely
    • Sea's Bounty Wench Doesn't Recognize Female Edwin
    • Dialogues Not Recognizing That You've Already Found Valygar
    • Fanatics May Still Burn Viconia if Freed
    • Limited Wish Quest Issues if Started Via Unusual Means
    • Jaheira Does Not Recognize She's Been Freed
    • Exploit of Invincible Imoen in the Opening Dungeon
    • Mekrath Not Clearing Journal Entries
    • Hostile Aledrian Doesn't Do Anything
    • Game Broken if Saved During Bodhi's Spawn
    • Multiple Captain Rerdes Bug
    • Ust Natha Cutscene Could Occur Offscreen
    • Ring of Djinni Summoning Not Always Disappearing on Death of Djinni
    • Bug with Valygar in Party with a Hostile Hervo
    • Devas Using Wrong Script, Spell Errors
    • Killer Mimic Issues
    • Hostile Planetars Using Wrong Script
    • Items and Spells Not Interacting Properly with Spell Immunities and Protections
    • Item Weapon Speed Fixes
    • Weapons Lacking Bonuses Due to Mistargeted Effects
    • Item Weight Fixes
    • Chosen of Cyric Weapon Not Displaying Portrait Icon or String
    • Blackmist's Blindness Does Not Have the Correct Radius
    • Items Which Cast Spells Can Cause Double Immunity Messages
    • Full Plate +1 Not Disabling Thieving Skills, Wrong Strength Requirement
    • Oil of Fiery Burning Says 'Gulp!' When Thrown
    • Champion's Strength Being Capped at Level 18
    • Remove Magic Not Dispelling Feeblemind
    • Minor Spell Turning Behaves as Spell Turning
    • Conjure Fire Elemental Was Not Restricted from Diviners



There's still some items I want to include (that big thread about the Sahuagin City and Rod of Lordly Might, for example), but I wanted to post this now so folks can rap my knuckles if I've overlooked something.


Translators, it'll be a longer translation than usual--a lot of strings have been moved from GTU to Core Fixes as part of my ongoing GTU review.


edit: Updated through 1/26.

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Chosen of Cyric Weapon Not Displaying Portrait Icon or String


Heh, as mentioned earlier, the player fights Cyric's Favored during the Pocket Plane challenge in ToB (CHALCY02.CRE).


OTOH, the Chosen of Cyric are the merry bunch of zealots from my mod which ambush the party after Bodhi is killed in Chapter 6 of SoA. (RR#VEND.CRE and co.) :)

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Translators, it'll be a longer translation than usual--a lot of strings have been moved from GTU to Core Fixes as part of my ongoing GTU review.


I'd like to throw a vote for "A (Still) Separate GTU Component That Doesn't Suck Because Cam Made It So".

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I would prefer that any dialog.tlk updates were separate from the core component, with the exception of adjusting correct sounds, such as Valygar's initial dialogue.

If a text change is an actual bug fix (let's say, weight of an item, spell description which says it can be countered by Dispel Magic when it can't, wrong sound file associated, etc.) why would it be shuffled into the GTU?

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If a text change is an actual bug fix (let's say, weight of an item, spell description which says it can be countered by Dispel Magic when it can't, wrong sound file associated, etc.) why would it be shuffled into the GTU?




"Ho there!" [nosound] to "Ho there!" [hosound] is a clear yes.

"And then Icarus..." to "And then Irenicus..." is a clear no.


Where do you draw the line?

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If you think GTU, much less Core Fixes, is going to be changing Icarus to Irenicus then you really haven't been paying attention.


I meant any changes for the fictional narrative, except punctuation(including spaces and nice clear "... "'s) and grammar(including UK->US issues). Icarus is, naturally, a sore issue.


If something is factually wrong--like a weight, casting speed, etc.


And thank you for answering my question fully, got it now.

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There are some truly fetid bugs in WeiDU 203 on Mac OS X, so please to not be releasing until at least 204.

I don't think there's anything that requires v202, so we could use that instead. Is there an ETA for v204? I'm one translation away from releasing, and I believe I'll have it in the next few days.


edit: And as long as I'm here, updated the first post with what should be the v5 changelog.

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