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MV goes on Hiatus till November 2004


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Hello everyone; I belive strongly in the story and the idea of this mod, but I really need to put a lot of work in BG1 in July-August to make the September release deadline of Phase II;


I will be away in September as well, so the earlist time at which I will be able to return to the mod whole-heartedly will be in November.


If anyone is interested in picking up writing for Keldorn, please let me know. Threadspinner, Ogre - please, do not let my recess to stop you from writing. ;)

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Well, based on what I have seen and read here, this mod is certainly worth waiting for, so take your time, we can wait! ;)


At least now I have one less mod to worry about - for the time being - there are still zillions of modules out there just waiting for me to try them! ;)

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I dunno... I feel like a character in one lovely mystery story who was trying to describe the various visits from the gangsters to him, and explains why he did not pay attention with:


"It was May and I was just planting corn, so I had no time to talk to him..."

"It was Jly and at that very time the sow had its piglets so I had no time to -"




In my case, every day of a year there seems something that needs to be done for BG1NPC :groucho: ... but I sort of like it that way, I guess

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Personally, I'm glad to know it hasn't been canned permanently! I just assumed, seeing it here under Inactive . . . but, glad to be proven wrong! Take as long as you like. :rolleyes:

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