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Gary Gygax is dead.


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Thousands of hours of playtime with friends and family, out of a little pamphlet called "Greyhawk". Thousands more on an entire genre of computer games built off of the concepts and ideas made up by Gygax and his friends messing about.


Hats off to a very creative and inventive person who provided a huge interactive playspace for intellects, poets, and dreamers - and also threw open the doors to the folks who also just wanted to smash things to goo.

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That said it very well, without Gary we'd probably none of us be here, maybe we'd be playing the closest games that would have existed, or just doing our real-life jobs. But we'd not be enjoying the spin-offs of the wonderful world he helped to build, nor making our own realms within it. He could even laugh at himself and his work, going by his appearance in Futurama.



Mister Gygax, I salute you!

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