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Portraits for Geomantic Sorcerers


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I'm hoping to include a portrait selection with the next release of the Geomantic Sorcerer kit, so I was hoping to ask the users to make some suggestions/offerings of portraits they like to use with the kit. This is your opportunity to get your favourite Geomantic Sorcerer mugshot to be included with the mod for others to admire your sense in artwork and good taste in portraits.


I'd like to request that the portraits follow the BG2 portrait style and artistic look, but I'm happy to consider other styles as well if there seems to be the call for it.


I have a large library of portraits to choose from, but I figured people would appreciate an opportunity to make suggestions.

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The kit is essentially a sorcerer who has focused on druidic-like powers. So a hybrid of a druid and sorcerer, with geomantic leanings. This isn't for a NPC mod, just a few portraits to include with the mod that players might enjoy using.

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Whooo sorry for taking so long, but stuff kept popping up in my to-do list, hehe


Ok, this is a Work in Progress... Is this more or less what you wanted?


(any feedback appreciated) :crazyeyes:




I'm not sure what a geomancer is supposed to do (guess I should have asked sooner, LOL); I'm considering adding some rocks floating around him... Or would that be too silly? XD

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From what I know, Geomancy originally meant a method of divination through the use of rocks, markings on the ground, interpretations of the topography of an area. In fantasy, it tends to focus on using the magic of the landscape, Lay Lines and other forms of magic tied to the whole of the planet or surrounding area.


Unfortunately I can't comment on your work so far as the computer I'm at is blocking the image. I should be able to say more later today when I can access a different computer.

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I'm considering adding some rocks floating around him... Or would that be too silly?
That's pretty good. I don't know if it needs floating rocks, maybe a little more detail. Seems like the sparks should be between his hands or something.
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I like the color scheme very much and the expression. I agree about the details, perhaps, you can change the purple spot at his neck into a slightly more defined brooch with a large stone, sort of like Branwen's amulet in BG1?

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Thanks for the feedback, guys! :crazyeyes:


*cringe* Yeah, there should be at least one of his hands in the picture.... That's what I feared! lol


The purple spot is indeed going to be a brooch... I still haven't decided whether it would be a jewel or something a bit rougher, something looking like a rune, perhaps?

I've just noticed that the brooch too high up, it looks like it's either floating or it's pinned to the base of his neck (ouch!) So I'll have to do some major changes in that area as well... grrr





Ok, added the hands, started to change the neck line


Domi, it's been a LOOOONG while since I played BG1 and I couldn't find a picture of that amulet anywhere on the net... What's it like?





I believe it's done!


Epilogue image:



Large portrait:







Yeah, I decided to chuck the brooch, it just wasn't working... I added some rings on his fingers, but the crop ate them away XD

If anyones is curious about the uncropped version, it's in my DA gallery *coughshamelessself-promotioncough*


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Third one down on this page.


Ohh right, yeah, that would be a good kind of brooch...



Looks much better with the hands.


Is it just me or does he kinda look like Dante from Clerks?



WHOOOOAH he really does look like him!!! hahahaha!! Ok, that was completely unintentional!! XD :crazyeyes:

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