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Auren v6.2 Bug Reports


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hi ace,


Im currently in TOB with auren in my party (romancing Nalia), everythings been fine except when I goto Abazigals lair to fight him (she says a fight worthy or something), everytime after that she turns Red(Hostile), and the only way i found short of killing her to get her back green was to try and kick her out, which seemed to work , doing so placed her Dadrek sword in my pc's inventory, did u code her to turn hostile? She also keeps trying to talk to nalia, it plays music but never happens...the last thing she did was deal with the V party seeking her, she hasnt said anything after. All i have left to kill is Balthazar and then i can goto Amerlissan, i was just wondering if that was a bug and if there is anymore content with her/pc or her/nalia (My current party time is 122 days 5hrs) as i did nearly every quest in SOA possible.....





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This was a bug that was found with a couple of the boss fights in ToB. It should have been fixed though. Are you using the latest version?


Im using ver 6.1, i just noticed that the newest is 6.2, i finished TOB and the only other bug i saw was with Balthazar as well, good ending for her and nalia :)

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I believe I'm having some sort of compatibility issue. Are there any known interaction problems with the following list of mods?



BG2 Tweak Pack

Level 1 NPC's

Divine Remix

Item Randomiser

Song & Silence

Sword & Fist


Imoen Romance

Weidu's Item Upgrade



I partly believe it to be some sort of weird interaction with the latest Imoen Romance mod version as it looks like it is pulling dialogue from there but I am unsure.


Edit: Nevermind, my problems were the result of user error. Could a Mod or Admin please delete this post?

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Here is russian translation by Caroline.

During translation, we found some errors. Fixed files attached.




@86 = ~(Auren smiles a little.)~ ~Thanks for making light of things, when at times, it seems so dark.~
Has been divided into two parts, @86 and @861.



Added @861.


IF ~~ THEN K#Aur25J Talk1-5-1


= @861





@194 = ~Do what, my lady?~ ~You're always staring off into the distance...like you're caught up in a daydream or something...not something I would expect from a serious knight like you.~
Has been divided into two parts, @194 and @1941.



Added @1941.


IF ~Global("AurenAnomenBanter1","AR1900",1)~ THEN K#AurenB AAno1


DO ~SetGlobal("AurenAnomenBanter1","AR1900",2)~

== BANOMEN @194

== K#AurenB @1941

== BANOMEN @195


K#Aure25.baf and K#Auren.baf

Both files traifyed. Translation added to scripts.tra.



The next two lines have been added:

COMPILE ~AurenAseph/Scripts/K#Auren.baf~ USING ~AurenAseph/%s/scripts.tra~

COMPILE ~AurenAseph/Scripts/K#Aure25.baf~ USING ~AurenAseph/%s/scripts.tra~

And added russian language:

LANGUAGE ~Russian~




All changes in tra-files made ​​for both languages ​​English and German.


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During the french translation, the translator noticed some possible strings forgotten. Otherwise, dialogs would be stranged.


Both are in K#AurenB.tra:


@258 = ~During wartime, their feud grew ever more serious; each tried their hardest in order to prove themselves men in the fair maiden's eyes. It was Tyran Whispermoon herself, however, that saved the day when the brothers proved useless against the enemy.~ (Haer'Dalis)

@259 = ~Was she impressed?~ (Auren)

We think a sentence by Haer'Dalis is missing between @258 and @259.


@383 = ~I can't believe this. Auren Aseph, the most arrogant woman in all of Toril, is asking me to teach her how to read and write.~ (Nalia)

@384 = ~(Her eyes go wide and she suddenly throws her arms around Nalia in joy) Oh, thank you so much, Miss De'Arnise! Thank you!~ (Auren)

We think a sentence by Nalia is missing between @383 and @384.

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