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A male npc romanceable concept


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Hello, I'm new here!


Ok, the reason i joined g3 because I intend on making a mod for bg2tob, I've also post something similar at spellholdstudios but i would want to hear more from different modders from here as well and also ask help if i can push this mod through, so here's what i came up with:




Gender: Male

Race: Tiefling (appears human)

Class: Kensai (modified)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


STR: 18/100

DEX: 19

CON: 17

INT: 14

WIS: 15

CHA: 13



He's cold and apathetic at first glance. He has this seemingly patrician personality (nonchalant, uncaring, etc) this is due to the many hardships and lost during his past and functions sort of as a defense mechanism as well as his upbringing.

But beneath that harsh and cold exterior, is a deep and caring person. forged by the lost of his former loved ones, he has become protective and devoted to his beloved's needs as well as his companion though they find it hard to sense.


Bio (Subjected to change): When asked about his past, Valleth fixed his crimson eyes by yours. Chills are sent down to your spine you suddenly stepped back out of impulse, but as he looks away, a glint of pain reflected ever so vague from his eyes but deeply overwhelms you. He remains silent as he returns back on what he was doing. You couldn’t help but feel a mixed emotion of fear and pity as you begin to wonder what it was that caused such grief to a person of his character.


His LT's will be heavily based on his past, his current actions as well with <CHARNAME>'s infernal transformation.


He will also have unique quests that would ultimately affect the resolution of the romance. He will have personal items.


His first appearance will be in a random map in Ankathla after which will be recruit able at the Copper Coronet. I intend on making him a mercenary, one which <CHARNAME> has to pay before joining and would practically stick with the group for the rest of the game or unless gets kicked out or leaves the party.


So, there you have it, that's basically what i intend to do minus the spoilers of which I'd be more than happy to discuss to those who are interested. I'm still a noob when it comes to this so any thoughts, suggestions, reactions as well as help would be greatly appreciated! :)

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Sure, like the thread over at SHS (which I have read), this guy is overpowered, especially if you give him ubergear.


I don't know how you could make him a Random Encounter, but you could seed his location from the start of the game.



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I agree with Icendoan, his stats are on the high side. Added together they come to 96, whereas the official SoA NPCs have totals ranging from 73 to 89. Haer'Dalis has 87, which might be a good benchmark, given that he's another tiefling.


It might be better if, in the bio, you avoided phrases like "You couldn’t help but feel", "Chills are sent down to your spine" etc. I think that players tend to have particular ideas about the personality of their PC, and being told how they'd act in a given situation might prove more irritating than anything else. There's a good rule of thumb when writing: show, don't tell. So instead of telling the player that they find Valleth's gaze chilling, you could describe it further and show them why it might be found so.

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The actual average for BioWare NPCs is 83/4, is that helps.


And why his gaze is chilling, that is the point of the LTs and banters. It could be reworded, however;


When asked about his past VALLETH stares at you with his blood red eyes, a pain showing behind a well practised façade. He turns away silently and tried not to draw attention to himself, fiddling with the first thing he can.



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It's the overall score, but also the cluster of radically high scores in STR, DEX and CON--in the vanilla game, most fighter-types have at least one "weakness" stat (DEX for Keldorn and Anomen; CON for Haer'dalis). Kensai also don't need really high STR scores to be efficient killers. I personally think if you just knocked a point off of each (giving 17 STR, 18 DEX and 16 CON) that would look pretty good, nevermind that the decent scores in stats fighters never really use still put him above the Bioware average...

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thanks for the reply!


You all are probably right, he proved to be still too powerful in most cases so I intend on nerfing him once more. Once i thought about it, wouldn't matter since he'll be gaining some powerful abilities throughout the game. (I actually don't use his ability anymore since most of his enemies fall dead before i could even decide to use it or not). In addition, he'll not be so much overpowered since he can't use any other weapon than what he has (I'm trying to figure this out via script..)


Thanks Icen for the bio insight, I'll be having some revisions of his bio as well as his past. His childhood tragedy didn't seem to add up to most of his experience afterwards the incident.


Here's the stat nerf down:


STR: 16

DEX: 17

CON: 16

INT: 14

WIS: 15

CHA: 13


So, thanks again and keep on posting!

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Hey guys, it’s me again


I just finished writing what would be his abilities and I've encountered some difficulties so I was wondering if you could help me with:


My first problem is that i want to make a skill that only deals damage to the next thing he hits after which, it is expended. The problem is I can't figure out a way to do this other than enchanting him with a magical weapon. What I want to do is that he will still use what weapon he is wielding to deliver this skill...


Another is that a dimension door but is targeted to a creature, not an area. Then attacks the targeted creature with a *3 backstab multiplier. I don't have the slightest idea how to do this...


I'm also having problems regarding the polymorph into specific creature command. The game freezes every time i try this. I've already made sure that the creature was already CRE and not CHR and made sure that the imported BAM file from IWDII is compatible with BGII, (I've already tested this in- game) so what did i do wrong?


Another one is this, here's what it does

Drains 5hp +1 hp per 8 levels of the caster per second on a single target. Both the caster and the target cannot move for the duration of the spell. Any damage that would be dealt to the caster for the duration of the spell will cancel the spell and the caster will take damage equal to the drained hp. The caster will still be unable to move whereas the target is free.

Lasts for 3 seconds or until the target is killed.


Problem - dunno how to make this.


The last one is;

lets say i want to make an AOE spell that damages only the enemies within the radius. I also want that every enemy within the AOE will have the animation being flame struck and imploded. The problem is that I don't know how to make this spell deal damage only to enemies and also, how to make the flame strike and implosion animation appear on each enemy damaged instead of appearing right under the cursor where I cast it.


So that's it, if anyone can help me figuring this out I would gladly appreciate it. :)

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I don't know how you could make him a Random Encounter, but you could seed his location from the start of the game.


Remember the quest where you should bring the poisoned guy to the harpers? It seemed to be only a random encounter but it lead to a quest. That's what I was trying to imply. The role of this is simply to give a dramatic feel for the first meeting as well as to inform the pc that he is available to recruit.


Oh yeah, I planned on that he will be unavailable to be recruited until the pc reaches level 11. After which, this random encounter will occur only when traveling within Amn, and then he will be available at the Copper Coronet.

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It's generally not a good idea to place too many restrictions on the NPC joining, befriending or romancing the PC. Your NPC has a nasty attitude that PC has to battle with to discover the golden heart underneath (why this motive of 'He is a total jerk to start with, but if you work real hard...' is so popular for poor female PCs beats me). You have to pay him to have him along. He will not show up untill the PC is level 11. In other words, he is high maintenance in the extreme, crimson eyes non-withstanding. It might be a bit too too much on the 'I am sooo tough to get!' front.

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No, he's not really a jerk, just distant from the others. Mysterious to be exact. He still retains his good nature, just that he keeps most of his thoughts to himself and tends to be a little snobbish. In LTs however, his words could get really sweet and deep. Really, you don't have to work for it for his romance since its all time- based with appropriate replies...


You could see his seemingly cold and uncaring exterior mostly on banters with other NPCs or instances like in the slaver stockade and such. Most of his first LTs focuses on the PC's past rather than his own. It could be quite a while before you could gain enough of his trust for him to open up.


The reason for the level 11 restriction is to ensure that you get him with the PC approximately equal or stronger than him. This is solely for balancing. You still have to pay him though, he's still a mercenary for hire, and a good one no doubt...

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That's an interesting way to put it but... no, he may appear like he has this tsundere character based on what I'd written here but he's not, somewhat maybe but not all through out. It's quite hard to explain his true nature but to put it frankly, it's with the aid of the PC that made him appear like a tsundere, not because his true nature dictates.


Hmm... his internal struggles may be the cause of why he would appear this way as well...


He's a Chaotic Neutral character, which means that he's not quite so sure of the boundaries of right and wrong, It's the PC that must lead him to the right path.


Keep in mind that after the grave lost of his family, the only people who'd accepted him, he did not had anyone to tell him which is which. His sense of virtue is loosely based on what little did his mother and foster father told him to be. He grew up on his own, surviving only on the desire that one day he could finally exact his revenge. Making himself tougher both physically and emotionally. Where he lived, having emotions is like a sin, condemning you to the eternal fires of hell (imagine the society of the drow, only harsher by the 10 fold). You could imagine what kind of life he has gone through and what made him what he is now. The cold and apathetic personality of his was needed for him to survive.


In LTs, the PC is appealing on what little humanity is left that is clinging on the virtues left by his mother and foster father. This is basically the essence of the LTs.


So, it's that plus the internal struggles equals the personality he currently has.


Hope you understand... I am still half way across dream world while I'm writing this...


Sorry if he'd appear similar to the Angelo mod I didn't intend to.


Any suggestions are welcome. Again I'm new in modding and probably be needing tons of help!

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