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Saverok won't die

Guest Salman

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In BG TUTU,during the final battle, i killed all enemies other than saverok,but saverok won't die(his status remans at near death) even after my team members keep attacking with magic arrows and spells,he does take damage but doesnot die,is this a bug or am i missing something on how to finish him off.He still keeps fighting btw unlike trolls.

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Right. For a little more technical details, can you rename one of your mod setup executables (such as Setup-BG1NPC.exe) to WeiDU.exe and run it.


Keep pressing enter until you get to the Enter Arguments field, and type "--change-log _sarevo.cre --out log.txt" EXACTLY as typed, and we will find out what mod is stopping sarevok from dying. :p



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Here is what that file says

[WeiDU.exe] WeiDU version 20600

[WeiDU.exe] Using scripting style "BG"


FATAL ERROR: Sys_error("degreen/backup/0/MAPPINGS.0: No such file or directory")

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