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900 banters, and replay value


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So I was reading another thread here and saw the figure of 900+ banters mentioned. This made me think of the times I used to replay BG2 to see different banters, and has led me to the question of whether or not these 900 banters appear in random order? Or do they follow a set order like in BG2? Or perhaps a mixture of both, since I imagine there are a number of banters that would need to go in order, whereas others could apply at any time.

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Mixture of both. Most sequences with PC are timered and sequenced (and of course romances are), some banters both PC-NPC and NPC-NPC target specific events (ie Jaheira talking after you found Gorion's letter, Coran will talk once yuou get a wyvern head in you inventory). Some NPC-NPC banters appear in a specific sequence (ex Skie-Eldoth, Alora- Kagain, Viconia-Kivan). Obviously, interjections and scenery dialogue again, depend entirely on having the right character in the party at the right time. The rest of the NPC-NPC banters are at random, I believe, especially if you install JC's acceleration script. I have tables that list all (or almost all) banters each NPC initiates and I can publish these the way I am publishing where NPC interjects for people who want to see absolutely every bit of dialogue in one run :( Unfortunately 900 *looks* like a big number, but most characters will initiate a banter with all other 24 only once or twice. I am encouraging everyone on the team to work on enlargment of NPC-PC sets to have at least 3 to 5 banters with PC...


But still, I think that replayability will mainly come from playing with different characters every time through BG1.

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