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Just a quick progress report to let everyone know what's happening with the next build of Cleric Remix.


Thanks to a couple of previously unknown flags in the SPL files, the customization of clerical spellbooks got a lot easier and we've been able to replace some of our hacky workarounds with seamless, solid coding. The bug reports from v0.8.4 have been fixed: Watchers of Helm now have proper sphere restrictions, the Viconia and Branwen kits are now checking for correct components, Branwen no longer has her sling proficiency if kitted, and it looks like the spell memorization bug is fixed--BevH had this problem and has not experienced it with the build-in-progress.


We've also added new content for the next release as well. The Painbearer of Ilmater kit has been added, and Andyr's wrapping up the Firewalker of Kossuth. We are also tryig to get the Lorekeeper of Oghma and Authlim of Xvim kits added as well. We've had requests for more new spells which we're working on as well. These may not be in the next released build, but they're being added.


Ingame clerics (including ones added by mods) are also getting their spellbooks and memorized spells adjusted on the fly, so they have the same restrictions as player-controlled clerics. We've also implemented alignment restrictions on spell pairs (Holy Smite/Unholy Blight, Holy Word/Unholy Word) as appropriate.

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You should also remember correcting the spell, 'Curse', since it makes the game freeze (the reasons are given in the thread named 'Nice work').


I thought I might point it out, hence it's not on the list.



Ah, thanks for the reminder--it's fixed but I forgot to mention it. It reminds me that I failed to mention we're adding reversible spells from the existing ones where possible, such as Protection from Good. :)

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