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Delainy's Recipe book...


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Roasted Orc Brans


Four or six orc brains will be required for a dish. Prepare the brains as for stewing, and procure as many slices of bacon as there are brains. After they have been boiled and are thrown into cold water, drain and dry them perfectly; brush over with oil, and roll them in highly-seasoned bread crumbs. Put them in the bacon before the fire, turning them about that they may be equally cooked, and basting them occasionally. When they are nicely browned, take them up. Lay the slices of bacon on toast, put the brains on them, and send sharp sauce or tomato sauce to a table in a tureen. Time to bake, thirty to forty minutes. Sufficient for six or seven persons.

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Fried Illithid


1 pound of fresh illithid

3/4 cups of corn meal

1/4 cup of flour

salt and fresh pepper

spoon of garlic powder

1.5 inches of vegetable oil (in pan)

a lemon


Cut illithid into rings, strips, and curly-cues as

desired (cut above the eye.)

Mix corn meal and flour in a plastic bag. Add

salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste and

shake well.


Dry off illithid and place in the bag. Shake

well and set aside.


Heat oil so that a small piece of bread will

float in it, not dissolve.


Take illithid out of the bag a handful at a time

and fry for approximately 45 seconds before

removing. Dry off on paper towels and

repeat the process until the illithid is all fried.


Serves 2 bipeds with lemon.

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Oh my....


Solafein had his book of surface poetry, Del will have a book called...


"To serve man"


and it will be a cookbook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


did you ever catch that outer limits episode?  where aliens come down to earth, and offer a cure to all disease, poverty and hunger?  but the liguists finally crack their language, and they finally read the book the aliens have been carrying around, called "to serve man" and find out its a cookbook...


urm...actually since werewolves do eat people, it would not be at all out of character for del to carry around a cookbook about cooking humans and demi humans...and illithid, and umber hulks, and others...


possibly a avariel shishkabob, and drow tandori...and elf vindaloo curry...


i would think the responses from the party would be hilarious...


hey, its just an idea taken to its logical extremes...


minsc: as long as there are no hamster recipies, minsc will forgive cute young bard who sometimes has big teeth and fur...


viconia: well, i fear that i am likely to prove most unappatizing to you, delainey, we drow typically dose ourselves with small doses of poisons on a regular and continual basis, to acclimate our systems and to build up a tolerance in case of attempted assassinations by such a method.  though i do admit you've just afforded me a rare entertainment at watching the rest of these jaluk react...they cannot appreciate that the superior species rightfully should consume the lesser...i remember one banquet my mother threw when i was young, where the "guest" of honor was a succulent morsel of a surface human girl...


by the way, i am beginning to be very disturbed by my own idea...


:D  :D  :D

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Damn Big Rob, you beat me to the punch...


Hehe...yes, I've seen that Outer Limits...its a classic User!


Of course, it would be Avariel under glass, instead of pheasant under glass ;-)


As for eating Viconia?  Del would have other...options ;-)

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Yeah, but it was a game, not a book..and the dragon's fire is needed to cook it...it was a gnomish specialty...


(Dark Queen of Krynn is an old SSI game...much like some various Forgotten Realms games, and even Dark Sun)

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