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About Dynaheir's Romance...


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Ah, I had listened Martin's reading a chapter from the Feast, and I fell in love with the Sandsnakes and Martells and all things Dornish... even blood oranges. It was soooo good... and Amok is my favorite Martin's illustrator. Make it a favorite fantasy illustrator - he actually *reads* the books, lol!


Sure, if you want to give it a try I would always be happy to see more of your own magic in action :cry:



Sam? On a small portrait he looks ageless, me thinks. But if you think you can age him -be my guest!

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You do know that (in our word) egyptians are not black skinned? I dont know what ethnic appearance Mulhorands are supposed to have, though.


I do like Dynaheir's original portrait, but the latest one that Dom suggested are also wery nice. Especially the woman on the right.

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There will be a few alternative portraits for Dynaheir, not to mention that the in-game one is not going anywhere, and one can always use any other portrait if s/he don't like any offered in the pack and is tired of Bio's version.


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