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Oh, Canada! IEGMC Canada joins the ranks of IEGMC America, IEGMC Europe and IEGMC Asia. All three mirrors are replicas of each other.


If you prefer FTP over HTTP, then head over to the IEGMC Asia FTP Mirror - ftp://mirror.intermedia.com.sg/pub/iegmc


Please Note: In case you cannot access IEGMC Europe, don't worry because you are not alone. Only ISP's that have a route to the Internet eXchanges in London will be able to access this site. This arrangement allows for unlimited bandwidth to be transferred from IEGMC Europe.

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The BWS reference these mods as no longer available over original hosts :

While not a big list, having them hosted over a stable (..) place would be nice (even if Im not sure about the interest they have).

Kitanya NPC (SoA)
Solaufein Flirt Pack
Improved Asylum
Super Firkraag
Umbra of TROW - Arena
RPG Dungeon Item Pack
Sorcerer's Place Item Collection
The Unusual Oddities Shop
RPG Dungeon Kit Pack

This said, most are there : http://america.iegmc.net/rpgdungeon/

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