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The problem, Raven_Nexus, is that people can't see anything to comment on. Placing the link on top of this thread makes most people think: I'll check that out later" and then they promptly forget all about it. Try putting some of the basic ideas from your own forum here and see what people have to say.


Aklon began as two threads on Team BG and Forgotten Wars (the one that is now defunct). Comments were few at the start, until I started to add various bits and pieces for people to digest. Do that and people will start thinking about Tallon and commenting on your ideas.


In short: People are lazy. Two clicks is a real effort you know. :blush:

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Heh, I actually followed the link, and the NPC does appear to show promise. Much more so than most of the 1/2 celestial 1/2 dragon Kensai Sorcerer Lesbian Demigoddesses of Phobos that are always turning up.


My only constructive comment would be to post some info about your new NPC in the Mod Ideas forum over at Forgotten Wars & the Mod Discussion & Announcements forum over at Pocket Plane Group. Both of these forums get lots of traffic. Unfortunately you'll encounter a fair bit of useless advice, but there should be some good stuff amongst the dross, especially since your mod does show promise.

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I do not aim to offend or anything like that, but in my case, I did check out the forum and I was turned off by the lazy writing style on the forum that you have presented. Your posts had a lot of 'sloppy' grammar and utilized teenage slang in what appeared a 'serious' way. So I decided to reserve my judgement till you present a few dialogue samples.

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With the first few sparks of inspiration it is very hard to tell, how the full fledged NPC is going to be like. Thus as an ongoing process you can get a lot of advice and downright rejection along the way, but it is worth trying.

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BigRob and Jester


I'm working on getting more info onto myr forums and others but as I’ve said before I get seriously self conscious about it but I’m getting over it a little.




Thanks for the vote of confidence.




Criticisms good and appreciated and I know there no excuse for sloppiness in that I’m sorry. I just get really nervous when typing on forums.

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