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Sorry Mod Delay - Anyone got space?

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Hmmm...probably a good thing hmmm? I think that it should be well in order. But I'm a little leery to release the storyline until I have completed the mod. I am approxiamtely 58% done right now. I have been working about 60 hours on the project so far, designing maps. Maybe I can pm your the stuff or e-mail it to you in greater detail. Anywho in the end I'll be looking for around 400mb of space to put it up. :cry:


It takes place in IWD, a modded version of IWD I - cool intro story that changes the path of the players (a little) and introduces a new villan/enemy for the game. It adds several new travel areas and the limited ability to free-roam or veer off the path for a sec to find a secret/adventure or check a hunch or two. Some easter eggs and hidden extras, and the games Icons are changed, from weapons to spells, and I plan to crack open some more IE engine games for some more maps and map Ideas.


Why IWD I?


Because there are more than enough mods for BG II, and BGII is great, but it doesn't fit my most favorite genre - hack n slash w/story! BG II has great intracy and plot, but sometimes you just want to plop down infront of the machine and get your rumble on! Plus the music, the setting - and the fact that it was the most unthought about and Jipped game it's second release - (IWD II anyone?) It's a sweet game to come home and get the rumble on with six people vs the frozen north! :blush:

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