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I looked over the color list in IESDP but I know from experience that not all of them are reliable.


Does anyone know where I can find a list of colors specific to hair, skin, major, and minor colors similar to what you find during the character creation? I know only a selection of the available gradients are actually used.

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Thanks, but that's pretty much what IESDP offers. I guess what I'm searching for is any existing list of colors that players encounter when they build their own character when starting a new game.


Non-Lazy Ace could boot up the game and look herself...but where's the fun in that if it already exists?

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Most of the colours BG2 uses on NPCs are in randcolr.2da, with respect to skin, hair, etc. That may not have everything the player sees when starting a new game - that info is probably hardcoded somewhere. 1PP's palette extender might have more documentation on that. As for the gradients, the IESDP should have a fairly accurate representation, but you don't always know which side of the scale the colour will actually show up as in-game. Light silver, for example, could appear as anything from white to black in theory.

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