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Is Aklon going to have a few Koans (like the archetypical Zen if you will) within his dialogue?


A whole lot would probably wouldn't be great, but a sprinkling here and there would definitely help with the monk aspect.


(Yes, I know some monasteries focus on a certain aspect over another such as mental or spiritual or physical, but they would make an effort to develop all three).

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You mean stuff like "Yesterday I told a chicken to cross the road. It said, 'What for?'"


Here's a good list that should make for some... interesting koans.

Yep, those could make excellent Koans. (There isn't a requirement on length, though Koans tend to be short). I know the ones I saw tend to be more short story (the dialogue with Cernd and what is the most important thing in the world is an adapted koan :) ).

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I think I missed the boat on this one.  :)


Aklon will occasionally rip out a few koans, both classical and a few home-grown ones of his own. Mostly when he wants to annoy people. :D


While Aklon was not educated in a monastary, one of his teachers was from Kara-Tur and may have imparted one or two koans to Aklon before he began his travels. And Aklon surely picked up a few more when he went to Kara-Tur himself.


Conincidentally, I'm researching Aklon's travels now, so the stuff I'm writing isn't heinously inaccurate.  :D

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People are preoccupied with reality and its limitations. Koans help them to free their mind from the cage of logic and may offer a way to enlighten them. In zen it is said that an open mind can follow the flight of an arrow around a tree.

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