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v15: Material for inclusion


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This is for Kulyok's Tiax and my Quayle Project. It was ready like 2 years ago.... huh...

TIAX: Ha! What is it that Tiax the Great sees! That irritating gnome again! I do not know why the gods let you live, Quayle... Oh, Tiax understands! It is because Tiax needs to sit somewhere from time to time. Hmm, I am not sure if you will be comfortable enough for His Majesty...
QUAYLE: Tiax, you can't sit on me because I am taller than you are. Well, it would be quite hard to sit on something higher than you, my mad companion.
TIAX: Tiax and Cyric will both make sure to make you smaller! One day we shall find a way, and you will make the perfect seat for Tiax! I am sure of that! Everyone must obey the will of Tiax and Cyric!
QUAYLE: I am not sure why we told you to join our group. You are tiny, you are madder than a ogrillon courtesan and there is the most important fact.
QUAYLE: You are *less smart* than I!
TIAX: Ha! I would not be so sure of it! If even Dradeel wasn't able to understand my great theories and plans, that means Tiax is smarter than he was! Tiax is smart enough to know that you will fall on the battlefield first! That's why Tiax has to protect you!
TIAX: Tiax needs a good sitting place!


TIAX: Hey, you! Chair! Come here! Tiax wants to sit!
QUAYLE: Exuse me? Quayle is not any kind of sitting place for you! I have said this before, and I will still repeat it until you will understand it, madman! And why the hell I speaking in the third person? I'm beginning to speak like you! Gods, I don't want to become as stupid and mad as you are!
TIAX: Ha! Tiax has a great influence on you! I knew it! Great infuence - great as Cyric's and my power!
QUAYLE: Edwin would call this influence "mouse magic". If <CHARNAME> had not asked you to join this team, I would have already prayed that the gods would shut you up. Probably wanted to keep a kind of balance - decided that if there is a genius like me, the team must also require a kind of idiot or madman.
TIAX: Tiax thinks that wanted a kind of clown from the circus so he picked one! Ha!
QUAYLE: Will this torture of travelling with this accursed bug-brain ever be finished? I feel as my brain is going to bleed! What intellectual torture... please, that's enough. Let's keep going, but think about leaving him somewhere nearby. I can't stand his stupidity!


TIAX: Ha! Tiax read your notes, poor little Quayle! Ha! So you were not even able to protect your fake child! What was her name? Aerti? It doesn't matter! Now Tiax has a proof that you are really stupid!
QUAYLE: Her name is Aerie!
TIAX: Tiax says *was*, and that's because of your lack of power! Now she is with Cyric. 
QUAYLE: If you need proof of my lack of power, you now have it, Tiax, but know that it was a great loss for me, and you should respect that. My great mind wasn't able to protect her, but maybe one day I will find a way to bring her back to life!
TIAX: Both Tiax and Quayle are clerics and we both know what this is impossible now! Cyric could ressurect her, but why should he? I see that you haven't changedone eeny-tiny little bit since we met in Baldur's Gate! And Tiax will always be the *greater one*.
QUAYLE: Your words means nothing to a wise man like me! I agree that it was my mistake, but I won't be weak again. One day my mind will show you how to leave this world, Tiax!
TIAX: Ha! Tiax dosen't think so!

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Okay, Lava asked me to submit this crossmod for Xan-Yoshimo Romance:


IF ~InParty("Yoshimo")
Global("G#XB.XanYoshimoBanter1","GLOBAL",0)~ THEN BO#XAN G#XB.XanYoshimoBanter1
~Yoshimo, I have a question for you, if I may.~
DO ~SetGlobal("G#XB.XanYoshimoBanter1","GLOBAL",1)~
== BYOSHIM ~Always, my friend! What can the Great Yoshimo do for you?~
== BO#XAN ~You intend to stay with us past Imoen's rescue, do you not? With her?~
== BYOSHIM ~Ah... I do indeed. Why would you ask?~
== BO#XAN ~It simply seems to me than cares about you more than she shows. If so, I wanted to know what your plans were.~
== BYOSHIM ~I intend to stay by her side, my friend. In life and in death, if necessary.~
== BYOSHIM ~But you expected another answer, didn't you? Would you like me to leave?~
== BO#XAN ~Honestly? I would. But we seldom get what we want, do we?~
== BYOSHIM ~Seldom indeed. But sometimes... sometimes it is worth everything.~

IF ~InParty("O#Xan")
Global("G#XB.XanYoshimoBanter2","GLOBAL",0)~ THEN BYOSHIM G#XB.XanYoshimoBanter2
~Ah, Xan, our depressed friend! You should cheer up once in a while, or we may end up drunk and confused, headfirst in plates of some cheap fish soup in the Docks.~
DO ~SetGlobal("G#XB.XanYoshimoBanter2","GLOBAL",1)~
== BO#XAN ~I believe you provide our leader more than enough entertainment, Yoshimo. And, I fear, it may result in some deeper problems.~
== BYOSHIM ~Problems? Like too good an atmosphere during the march, yes?~
== BO#XAN ~Which may be of grave consequences.~
== BYOSHIM ~Ah, you worry too much. Sometimes I'm afraid she - our leader - may catch up this nasty bug. It would pain me to see her as depressed as you usually are, Xan.~
== BO#XAN ~So it would be better if both she and I were careless?~
== BYOSHIM ~No, I mean you both should stay in the middle, without falling for any of the sides, my friend.~
++ ~Yoshimo, leave him. His mood doesn't really bother me. It would be better if you could watch your own business, bounty hunter.~ EXTERN BYOSHIM G#XB.XanYoshimoBanter2.YoXa001
++ ~Xan, he's right. Can't you smile once in a while? Or at least stop this "doomed" stuff?~ EXTERN BO#XAN G#XB.XanYoshimoBanter2.YoXa002
++ ~I want you both to shut up. Gods, are so annoying, guys!~ EXTERN BYOSHIM G#XB.XanYoshimoBanter2.YoXa003
++ ~I find his gloomy tone quite cute, Yoshimo, so, please, leave him be.~ EXTERN BYOSHIM G#XB.XanYoshimoBanter2.YoXa001
++ ~Nah, give it a break, Yoshimo. That's Xan I know and nothing's going to change him. It's a pity - he will probably end all alone.~ EXTERN BYOSHIM G#XB.XanYoshimoBanter2.YoXa004

CHAIN BYOSHIM G#XB.XanYoshimoBanter2.YoXa001 //Yoshimo
~As you order, dear leader. If it is fine with you.~
DO ~Set("YoshimoRomanceActive","GLOBAL",3)~

CHAIN BO#XAN G#XB.XanYoshimoBanter2.YoXa002 //Xan
~I've never been an optimist, you know this.~

CHAIN BYOSHIM G#XB.XanYoshimoBanter2.YoXa003 //Yoshimo
~Why so emotional, dear leader? I didn't know you get annoyed so easly. But fine then - we shall not bother you.~

CHAIN BYOSHIM G#XB.XanYoshimoBanter2.YoXa004 //Yoshimo
~A pity indeed.~
DO ~Set("O#XanRomanceActive","GLOBAL",3)~

However, I must point out that with new G3 software IT IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE to quote banters which have CHARNAME or other code tags on it - the programming system simply "eats" them, possibly thinking them some HTML tags. Me, I think the person who invented this should be put through Moscow-Vladivostok train with no air conditioning. Twice. But that's just me.

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Aaand since "edit" fuction for my previous is not available, either(please, find me that IP.Board programmer, I'll give him his ticket to Vladivostok personally), please, replace the line with

"It simply seems to me that CHARNAME cares about you more than she shows. If so, I wanted to know what your plans were.~ (again, it should be CHARNAME in brackets, but the stupid forum would've eaten the name. (is upset))

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ToB crossmod for Swylif NPC and Tiax NPC. I'm not sure if the coding is ok. Variables are fine.


IF ~InParty("O#Tiax")
Global("G#XB.TiaxSwylifBanter1","GLOBAL",0)~ THEN BO#Tia25 G#XB.TiaxSwylifBanter1
~Stop being hot on Tiax's heels!~
== LD#SWYB ~*Shtop bein' hot un Tiax'z heelz!*~
== BO#Tia25 ~Are you trying to make Tiax mad? Oh, you're on the right path then, but once Tiax is mad, Tiax will make a nice belt from your spine!~
== LD#SWYB ~You're adorable, madman. You know how entertain me a bit when I'm bored. The thing is, you also give me a headache.~
== BO#Tia25 ~You don't believe I can actually make the belt? With Cyric on my side, Tiax can do wonders! I mean...evil wonders! Like...~
== BO#Tia25 ~...like...~
== LD#SWYB ~Serving us cold chicken soup?~
== BO#Tia25 ~No! Tiax can do much worse things! Tiax can make...~
== LD#SWYB ~...some salty candies and give them to children?~
== BO#Tia25 ~Stop interrupting Tiax! Stop! Stop! Stop! Raaah! Tiax won't let you laugh at Tiax!~
== LD#SWYB ~Hey?! What are you doing?!~
== BO#Tia25 ~I want your spine!~
== LD#SWYB ~<CHARNAME>, this gnome is mad! Do something!~
IF~~THEN REPLY ~Tiax, stop it! Now!~ EXTERN BO#TIA25 GTiaxSwylif001
IF~~THEN REPLY ~Get him, Tiax! No one can insult you or Cyric!~ EXTERN LD#SWYB GTiaxSwylif002
IF~~THEN REPLY ~Stop it! Both of you! Are you insane? We've got work to do and you're starting some kind of ridiculous fight?~ EXTERN LD#SWYB GTiaxSwylif003

IF~~THEN BEGIN GTiaxSwylif001 ///Tiax
SAY ~<CHARNAME>? Are you going to oppose Cyric?~
IF~~THEN REPLY ~It's not Cyric who wants to make a 'fine spine belt', but you!~ GOTO GTiaxSwylif004
IF~~THEN REPLY ~I just wanted you to make a break before you move on to the funniest moment. I've got to see this.~ GOTO GTiaxSwylif002

IF~~THEN BEGIN GTiaxSwylif002 ///Swylif
SAY ~You're letting him make a belt from my spine?!~
~(Take's his arcane thrower) Leave me or you shall meet Cyric, Tiax! I'm really attached to my spine!~

IF~~THEN BEGIN GTiaxSwylif003 ///Swylif
SAY ~Phew...~

IF~~THEN BEGIN GTiaxSwylif004 ///Tiax
SAY ~Try to offend Tiax or Cyric one more time and <CHARNAME> won't stop Tiax's wrath!~

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Just a reminder that the Crossmod Banter Pack only includes material for publicly released mods. No alphas, no in-progress mods. The reason for this restriction is that every inclusion, however minor, has to be tested, at least as far as making sure new content installs without error. Without a publicly downloadable mod, that is impossible. Would you please provide a link to Swylif's mod page? :)


Edit: Never mind. Found the mod. Link for future reference:


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No, not a problem at all, I just had trouble finding Swylif at first. As long as the mod is publicly available, it is eligible for inclusion. We don't accept in-progress mods or non-public betas because too much can change between the time the material is written and the time the mod is available for public download. Versioning up the Crossmod Banter Pack always takes me a full day or longer. I don't want to do it any more often than I absolutely have to.


In other words, as long as Varshoon and Quayle are publicly released mods (not privately-distributed betas), crossmod material for them can go in the CBP. That said, all contributing authors have to approve the content. Your Swylif/Tiax banters will not be included until Kulyok signs off on them. Once she does, they will be scheduled for inclusion in v15.


We do appreciate it when modders include download links to their mods along with their banter submissions. There are a lot of mods out there, and tracking down the links to some of the less well-known ones can take time.


And don't forget the quest mods! Most modders who make quest mods include interjections from the BioWare cast. Some quest modders might welcome interjections by mod NPCs, as well. Of course, that would be up to the individual modders, but if they all approve it, I would be happy to include it in CBP. I can't speak for K'aeloree, but he knew the scope of CBP when he signed on, so I would be surprised if he complained.

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Kulyok have seen the banter and she should confirm it today or tomorrow.

And Both Quayle and Varshoon have been available for quite a long time. I will try to write something this week...


As for quests - hmm, I'm not sure how to do so, since I suppose other modders should write interjections for their characters. I know Kulyok knows TotDG and enjoyed it and it is she who should write interjections for Xan, Tiax and Coran. Same goes for you. I remember you played TotDG. I'm not sure about rest like Innershade, White Queen or Eilistraee's Song.


I would surely like to see Gavin and Yvette crossmod since they should like eachother. Illmater and Sune are allies, so...

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Hey, sorry for the late reply(I try to stay away from the net during the weekend) - approved, naturally. The coding won't work, though - you have two ENDs in the first parts, and no EXTERNs to different dialogue files, from what I see. I think you might need to use CHAINs instead, like I did in recoding Yoshimo-Xan content - sorry about that.

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