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Ajantis flirtpack


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Hi everyone,

after seeing all those great flirts for Dynaheir I hope you have some ideas for Ajantis, too!

I already have these fantastic ideas about "smile at him" or "take his hand"... er, meaning I could do with some help.


Anyone having flirt ideas for the PC to the paladin of Helm? :thumbsup:

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You could admire the design / engraving s on his personal armour or shield (similar to complimenting the design of Dynaheir's robes).


As for flirts Ajantis initiates:


He could ask for a lock of Charname's hair to be kept inside his helmet.

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I'd suggest the common romantic perafernalia connected with knights:


-Ask PC for her favor to wear in battle (usually scarf) and do associated flirt, when PC notices that he wears it


The good old fashioned Queen of Love and Beauty - ask Ajantis if he'd pick one among the ladies of the group :thumbsup: (early in romance, I think)


for a priest PC praying together is a very intimate experience


for a warrior PC teasing about military prowes could be nice

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If you don't mind the PC's pandering to his macho-blockhead sie, she could say something like: You take Ajantis' arm and say: For someone raised in the calm of a library, these surroundings are rather...intimidating.


Of course, you'd need generic replies that would do equally well for city or dungeon. What gives this a possibility of being acceptible is that his early "Fear not, m'lady, for I shall defend you" replies can be replaced later with ones that suggest he realizes he's being teased: Really? Then, considering what you have been through, I should be afraid as well, had I your perceptiveness, m'lady.

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This is sweet. Yes, Ajantis first taking everything seriously and later starting to realise he's being teased fits his personality very well! :thumbsup:

I like it if the reactions to the flirts change during the game (I mean not only due to the changing state of romance), makes it more interesting, I think. Thanks!

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Might do better as a banter than a flirt but if the PC's a thief, I'd think Ajantis would be a little uncomfortable with that, no matter what her alignment was. As a flirt for a PC-thief,


Slip a small item from Ajantis' belt and offer it back to him with the words: Did you drop this, o careless Knight?

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He is, indeed, uncomfortable about romancing a thief and will stop the romance after some time. I'll put this flirt option until then - but he most probably won't be pleased if the PC is doing that...

Thanks! :thumbsup:


hey, this gives way to a "developping" flirt, too: First time Ajantis could believe he really lost it, thanking CHARNAME for noticing...

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